Data Configuration Settings (Video Tutorials)

Data Configuration Settings lets you prep your demographic fields and other important attributes so that your data is ready to analyze. You can:

  • Simplify demographic group and equity analysis by editing categories and by moving similar values into broader categories, such as Has IEP and Does Not Have IEP.
  • Choose whether a demographic group should be visible on the Schoolzilla dashboards.
  • Identify behavior response values that are as suspensions or expulsions, your core courses and which grades should be considered failing, and other metric-specific settings.

These grouped values will populate nightly into standardized fields in your data warehouse so that you can see them across the dashboards. Demographic group selections will also automatically populate into the dashboards.

How to Access Data Configuration Settings

How to Edit Demographic Groups

In Demographic Breakdowns, you can group values together within a demographic group, such as EL Status, for easier analysis. Some groups are not able to be configured in Data Configuration Settings. Typically, these groups can either be configured via School Settings, or they only have two values that indicate whether a student is or is not in this group.

How to Edit Values for Suspension Rate, Expulsion Rate, Course Failures, and Other Metrics

By selecting Metric Configurations, you can identify the values that are required for calculating multiple metrics, including Suspension Rate, Expulsion Rate and Course Failure metrics. After you set up these codes, remember to make sure that the metric you just configured is set to show up on your dashboards. Go to Metric Settings to enable each metric.

Have more questions? You can always submit a ticket to Schoolzilla Support. Or, talk to your Project Manager about whether additional configurations are possible.