Custom Metrics: Choosing Between Metric Uploader and Assessment Template

Do you have other data you'd like to display on the Schoolzilla dashboards? We support two metric upload options based on your data needs.

Metric Uploader

Metric Uploader
Showing aggregate level data on a Schoolzilla tile
What is it The metric uploader allows you to display district and school level aggregate data on a tile in Schoolzilla. Imagine you wanted to paint a tile on the Schoolzilla dashboards with data you've already collected and calculated - you could use the metric uploader to display your district and school totals on a Schoolzilla tile. example of a school connectedness survey tile
When to use
  • When you want to get aggregate level data (i.e., not student-level) onto a tile.
  • You really want to see results for a metric, but Schoolzilla doesn't support that metric yet or you don't have the connector.
  • When you want to see data that is available infrequently (e.g., annual or quarterly basis) reflected on a tile
  • When you have data that is relevant across the district, ideally at school or grade-level data (not student-level)
How it works
  • Calculate the metric as you'd like it to display on a Schoolzilla tile.
  • Part 1: Fill out and submit the Metric Upload Configuration Template to define the metrics that you'll see on the tile (descriptors, goal type, time period type, etc.) - (My Data → Other Data → Metric Upload Configuration)
  • Part 2: Once you receive your metric KPI IDS from the support team, fill out and submit the Metric Upload Results Template. - (My Data → Other Data → Upload Metric Results)
  • See linked Help Center article below for more detail.
  • Does not currently support student-level data
  • Not currently compatible with the stacked bar view
Resources Help Center article: Loading your own metrics and results

To learn more about how to set up the metric uploader, please see this article

Assessment Template

Assessment Template
Bringing student level assessment data into your data warehouse & Schoolzilla dashboards
What is it The Assessment Template is a separate connector that uses a standardized file template to bring generic test score data into your test scores data block. We can then use these data to populate tiles on the Schoolzilla dashboards. math normed benchmark tile
When to use
  • When you want to get assessment data into Schoolzilla
  • When you have assessment data that is currently stored in Google Sheets or Excel docs.
  • When you want to get assessment data that Schoolzilla does not support into the test scores data blocks.
How it works
  • Reach out to Support to request your assessment template metric(s) be created.
  • Fill out the Assessment Template file with your assessment data and upload it to "My Data".
  • See linked article below for more detail.
  • Does not currently support subscores.
Resources Help Center Article: Assessment Template

To learn more about available metric types with the assessment template, please see this article