Custom Demographic Groups

Have you been wanting to use Schoolzilla to track student participation in gifted and talented programs? What about students in response to intervention (RTI)? Now you can compare performance on each metric by your custom demographic groups on the bar chart view, in Metric Zoom, and on Our Students. 

example of demographic groups for comparison

This means that in addition to Schoolzilla's standard list of demographics, you can now disaggregate data in the ways that matter most to you. Examples of custom groups we have seen in include:

  • At Risk
  • Title I Participation
  • Afterschool Program
  • 504
  • RTI Status
  • Virtual School

Request your first grouping by contacting support with the following information: group name that you would like to appear on the dashboards (e.g. Gifted and Talented), source table and name in your student information system, and, if applicable, how you want the values in the source field grouped (e.g. G or T = Gifted, all other values = Not Gifted). Schoolzilla will provide a timeline upon receipt of your request. Timelines will vary based on complexity of mapping and grouping.

Hi Support!
I am interested in adding “Custom Group Name” in Schoolzilla.
Data for this group can be source from TableName.FieldName in my student information system.
All students with a value in that field should be grouped as In Custom Group.
All students without a value in that field should be grouped as Not In Custom Group.
Data Champion

Known limitations:

  • Groups must be stored in tables in your student information system that we connect to or can be calculated with simple logic / calculation using data stored in your student information system.
  • Custom student groups will not appear in the Data Configuration page. Because custom group values cannot be mapped into new or different categories using Data Configuration Settings, you will need to tell us how values (e.g., gifted, not gifted) should be grouped when making the implementation request.
    • In addition, please be aware that if an unmapped value, such as a misspelling or new statuses (e.g., former gifted enrollment) is added in your Student Information System, you will need to either edit directly in your student information system or work with support to update your mappings.
    • It also means you will need to work with support if you ever want to make the group no longer visible.