Cumulative GPA Business Rules

Definition: Percent of high school students at or above x cumulative GPA

Periodicity (time period): Cumulative

Default Cut Point: 3.0

Default Performance Levels:

Label Criteria
dark green 3.5 or above GPA dark green Cumulative GPA ≥ 3.5
teal 3.0-3.5 GPA teal 3.0 ≥ Cumulative GPA <3.5
light orange 2.5-3.0 GPA light orange 2.5 ≥ Cumulative GPA <3.0
orange 2.0-2.5 GPA orange 2.0 ≥ Cumulative GPA <2.5
red Below 2.0 GPA red Cumulative GPA <2.0

Default Dataset Filter: Students in grade levels 9-12

Possible Configurations:

  • Admin User: No Shows - if you'd like to include No Show records in this metric, you may choose to change the defaults in Data Configuration Settings. Read more about this option here.
  • Schoolzilla Support:
    • Performance levels.
    • GPA Calculation: By default, Schoolzilla uses the unweighted GPA Type from your SIS (label of GPA Type may vary by SIS). To change the calculation type (e.g., Unweighted with Bonus Points), please submit a Support ticket.
    • Grade Level at the Time: We use a default of grades 9-12. To adjust the grades included, please submit a Support ticket.

District and School Metric Calculation:

Cumulative GPA  = Number of students with x cumulative GPA
Number of students with a GPA during the year 2

Student Level Metric: Student’s cumulative GPA

Source: Student information system

  • Currently available to be pulled in directly for Aspen, eSchoolPlus, Focus, Infinite Campus, Skyward, Synergy, and Tyler.
  • For PowerSchool customers, a Schoolzilla GPA calculation is available for courses taken in grades 6-8 or courses taken in grades 9-12. There is an option for projected cumulative GPA, which includes final and in-progress grades. For more details on Schoolzilla GPA calculations, see this Help Center article.

Update frequency: Nightly


  1. Trend line charts are not available for cumulative GPA. Cumulative GPA calculates based on the latest term available for that student, and a student’s cumulative GPA values for past terms is not stored. To understand how GPA has changed over time, make sure the Term GPA metric is visible. This will help to evaluate when GPA fluctuated.
  2. See below logic about student enrollment:
    • Includes any students who were enrolled during the school year;
    • If a student is dual/concurrently enrolled, all metrics use the student's cumulative GPA earned in the district.