Course Failures by Grading Period vs. by Term Business Rules


Course Failures by Grading Period - Percent of high school students who failed one or more core courses per grading period.

Course Failures by Term - Percent of high school students who failed one or more core courses per course/class term.

A student is considered failing based on grade names that are flagged as Failing Grades and courses in subject areas flagged as Core Courses in the Data Configurations Settings.

Terms or Grading Periods:

  • A term is based on the course/class length, such as a year-long course.
  • A grading period is not based on the course length. It typically ends at equal intervals within the course, such as Quarter 1, Quarter 2, etc.
  • In the Data Configurations Settings, set the left to right order of the Grading Period or Term categories to reflect how you would like to view them within the trend line.

Default Cut Point: Failure on one or more core courses

Periodicity (time period): Periodic - calculates course failures within a specific grading period or term

Default Performance Levels:

Label Criteria
bright green Failing 0 Core Courses bright green Core Course Failure = 0
light orange Failing 1 Core Course light orange Core Course Failure = 1
bright red Failing 2 or More Core Courses bright red Core Course Failures ≥ 2

Default Dataset Filters:

  • Students in grade levels 9-12
  • Overall course grades
  • Grade status of In Progress and Final
  • All grading periods and terms included

Possible Configurations:

  • Admin User:
    • Which grade names should be considered as failing grades
    • Which class subject areas should be considered as core courses
    • Ordering and labeling of grading periods and terms in the Data Configurations Settings. See here for further guidance on how you can edit these configurations.
  • Schoolzilla Support:
    • Performance levels
    • Dataset filters (ex: excluding grades from withdrawn courses, expanding metrics to show students in grades 6-12)

District and School Metric Calculation:

Core course failure rate = Number of 9-12th grade students who failed one or more core courses
Numbeaverage daily attendancer of 9-12th grade students who have received a grade in the given school year1


  1. The overall metric will display the most recent grading period or term with grades data. This can be a for a grading period or term that has not yet started if data has been entered by staff for that grading period.
  2. See below logic if a student is dual/concurrently enrolled.
    • The metric on the District Profile/Our Schools shows the student's course failures across campuses at the District.
    • The metric on the School Profile shows the student’s course failures earned at that school.
    • The metric on the Student Profile shows all of the student's course failures in the District (not just the current or selected school).  On the Our Students page, the student will show two records, one for each enrolled school.

Student Level Metric: Count of failing grades in core courses

Source: Student information system

Update frequency: Nightly