Configure Performance Levels

Schoolzilla starts you off with default performance levels for your metrics. However, your district may want to alter the cut points for the performance levels based on your district's performance history.

What are performance levels?

In Schoolzilla, performance levels allow you to analyze the distribution of your results. Performance levels organize results into ranges and assign descriptions so that educators can assess how many students are meeting expectations and how widespread the results are.


cxample of performance levels view for Chronic Absence

How are performance levels used in Schoolzilla?

The metrics in Schoolzilla use these levels in two ways:

  1. An overall cut point calculates the percentage of students who meet that cut point for a metric.
  2. A stacked bar chart displays up to six performance levels to show the distribution of student results out of 100% of results.

Performance levels are available for metrics calculated as rates or percentages, such as proficiency rate. They are not available for metrics that display counts, such as Enrollment or Suspension Count.

To request a change from default performance levels for relevant metrics, administrators can:

A. Submit a support request including the metrics and performance level changes. Be sure to specify:

  • Name of the metric you'd like to update
  • Level Descriptions: Note any changes to the default descriptions for the performance levels
  • Level Ranges: Note that the performance levels include the a) minimum and exclude the b) maximum, so in most cases the minimum of the level will equal the maximum of the level below it to ensure all values are included.
  • Meets Cut point: When adding new performance levels please specify if this level meets or does not meet cut point for displaying the default overall view.

You can copy and paste this chart in your request, after updating the sample values. 

Performance Level Name Performance Level Description Min (inclusive) Max (exclusive) Meets Expectations
Exceeds expectations Above 75th SGP 75 100 Y
Meets expectations Between 50-74th SGP 50 75 Y
Does not meet expectations Between 25-49th SGP 25 50 N
Far below expectations Below 25th SGP 0 25 N

Getting ready for your new school year?

If you asked us to update metric performance levels last year, those performance levels will be automatically rolled forward to the new school year!