Commonly Asked Questions

We're so excited that you’ll be assisting in the data collection project that we support for the KIPP Foundation.  If you ever have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

We've compiled this list of commonly asked questions and resources that we recommend as you help set up your region’s data for Schoolzilla.

Getting Connected

How is my enrollment data connected to Schoolzilla?

If you need more information on your specific connection method, please reach out to support.

What happens if my SIS credentials fail? *for ODBC connections only

If we are unable to connect to your student information system during the nightly data ingestion window, we'll reach out the next morning with a message from our support system with details about the error we are seeing and how you can help us resolve it.  Please respond promptly to help us get your data flowing again!

How can I confirm my enrollment template files uploaded successfully? *for enrollment template connections only

When uploading your enrollment template files, please review this article on requirements for the enrollment templates, instructions on how to submit, and common issues: Enrollment Template. In particular, please review step 4 in the instructions to confirm you've included all required fields and are ready to submit.

When submitting, our system will ensure that the file you've uploaded is the correct file type (.csv) and has the correct number of columns.  Please refresh the page after submitting to ensure you do not have any errors. See the "Why am I getting an error when uploading my template(s)?" section for screenshots of possible errors.

For an in-depth review of the requirements, how to submit, and how to resolve errors, please see the Enrollment Template Upload Webinar and linked slide deck.

Data Quality

What are the essential KIPP exit codes?

If we have another enrollment for a student, we are able to infer if the student has been promoted to the next grade or graduated from the previous school and enrolled in the next school.  Therefore, we only need exit codes in certain, specific situations to properly calculate attrition:

Completion Exit Codes (only needed for students did not enroll in  KIPP school in your region)

  • 12 - High School Graduation
  • 13 - Completed highest grade in school (EC, ES, MS) intent to enroll in KIPP school
  • 14 - Completed highest grade in school (EC, ES, MS) intent to enroll in non-KIPP school

Exit Codes that Exclude Students from Attrition

  • 15 - Deceased
  • 16 - Moved out of the United States
  • 17 - First KIPP enrollment - never attended

FOR RESEARCH:  Exit Codes Being used for Additional Research

  • 4 - School expelled student

How are no show students handled by Schoolzilla?

To support the Foundation's attrition analyses, we tag students as no shows based on the following:

  1. If your student information system already tracks this information specifically, and we are able to pull in the column that contains this mapping, we use this existing setting.
  2. We look for specific exit code values that we think (based on state/vendor documentation or descriptions in lookup tables) are used to flag No Shows.
  3. We search an exit description or exit comment field for text that indicates a No Show enrollment (for example, "No Show", or "No-Show").
  4. If you use the Enrollment Template, any student with entry date = exit date is marked as a No Show.

For additional information on how we tag no shows for each SIS, please see our Help Center article.

Additional Data

How can I upload my state test data?

On your My Data page, you'll see a form option for your state test. Within the My Data form we've included instructions on which file types and layouts we expect, as well as links to any additional instructions on our Help Center.  Simply select the relevant school year from the drop-down menu and upload your file(s).

Please upload unmodified files only.  This includes not changing the file type from CSV to XLS, etc.

Don’t see a layout for the most recent school year?  Don’t worry! Please submit the student data files and any file layout documentation you've received to the Other Data > File Upload form so that we can update our forms to accommodate your state's new layout.

Account Management

How do I add new teammates or remove teammates who have left?

You have full control of admin users on your Schoolzilla site through the My Users page.  To add a new user, click the Add People button in the upper right.  To add a teammate who can upload files and manage your SIS connection information, select the Schoolzilla Administrators option.  Enter your teammate’s name and email and click Invite. He/she will then receive an email from Schoolzilla with a link to set a password.  For additional details, please see this Help Center article.

To remove accounts for teammates who have left your organization, click the check box next to their name and then click the trash can icon in the upper left.  We do not automatically delete any administrator accounts. To best protect your student data, you should delete users' Schoolzilla accounts as part of your regional offboarding process. If you do not, they could continue to login with their remembered or saved password and view regional and student data.

Prepping Schoolzilla for the New School Year

What steps do I need to take to ensure my system is setup to receive new student data in the fall?

We know that summer is a busy time as you close out one school year and prep for the next.  In order to ensure a smooth start of data collection again this fall, there are a few quick areas for you to review about your Schoolzilla setup.  For an in-depth discussion, please see our Summer Rollover Check-list webinar.

  • Do you have any changes to your list of schools? Please capture them in My Schools. This includes schools opening, closing, merging, or splitting. If any of your schools are merging or splitting, or if you would like to remove any closed campuses, please follow up with Support.
  • Are grade levels within schools changing? Go ahead and capture this information in My Schools. The most common example is a school adding another grade level.
  • Do you have any edits to credentials, or are you upgrading your SIS instance? Please use your specific SIS form in My Data to update the relevant information.
  • Do you have state test results? Submit your 18-19 results. Please note we can only support the official file format. Don’t see an option for 18-19 results in the drop down on My Data? You are likely the first one from your state to submit results! Please use the "Other Data" form on My Data to upload the state test result file(s) and notify Support.

Additional Questions

How do I report data issues to Schoolzilla?

Have a concern about your data or question about how it appears in your verification report?  Please don't hesitate to reach out to us via our support request form.  If possible, providing these three pieces of information is particularly helpful for our team to troubleshoot.

  1. Where are you seeing the issue?
  2. Ex: In discussion with the Foundation? Trying to upload a file to My Data?

  3. How does it differ from what you expect?
  4. Ex: Did you upload data that aren't appearing? Are the instructions on My Data not accurate?

  5. What is at least one specific student example?

This is particularly helpful for us to investigate issues by starting in the raw data.

Where can I find more information about my SIS connection method, my state test results, or Schoolzilla in general?

Check out the rest of our Help Center!