Chronic Absence Business Rules

Definition: Percent of students below x% daily attendance (or missing 100-x% of attendance days)

Default Cut Point: 90.5% (or absent 9.5% of days)

Periodicity (time period): Ongoing - calculates as year-to-date (cumulative)

Default Performance Levels:

Label Criteria
light green Satisfactory light green Attendance rate ≥ 94.5%
light orange At-risk light orange 90.5% ≤ Attendance rate < 94.5%
red Chronically absent red 79.5% ≤ Attendance rate < 90.5%
dark red Severely chronically absent dark red 0% ≤ Attendance rate < 79.5%

Possible Configurations:

Some metrics can be configured, either by Administrator users or by Schoolzilla Support via a Support ticket. Options for this metric:

  • Admin User: None
  • Schoolzilla Support: Performance levels

District and School Metric Calculation: 

Chronic absence rate =  Number of students below x% attendance rate
Number of students with attendance records 1, 2, 3, 4


  1. Students who had an enrollment and attendance record in the current academic year, including exited students.
  2. A school’s attendance metrics only include students’ attendance data from when they attended that school.
  3. If a student is dual/concurrently enrolled, the student’s attendance is used for their primary school’s attendance metrics.
  4. The student records that are used to calculate the district attendance include all attendance the student has earned in the district, not just what was earned in the current or selected school. See below logic.
    • The metric on District Profile/Our Schools uses a student's attendance across any school in the district.
    • The metric on School Profile uses a student's attendance earned in that school (including students who are no longer enrolled, but were enrolled anytime that year)
    • The metric on Our Students/Student Profile shows a student's attendance in the district (not just the current or selected school).

Student Level Metric Calculation:

Attendance rate = Number of days attended
Total count of days they had attendance records

rounded to one decimal point

Source: Student information system. For Powerschool, Schoolzilla generates student attendance based on the FTE and Attendance Conversion Item settings.

Update frequency: Nightly for attendance data in the last 60 days. Additional days can be refreshed through a request to Schoolzilla support.

Note: This metric may not match your state reporting calculation due to the fact Schoolzilla incorporates all ever enrolled students in the school year in this metric.  Schoolzilla considers a student to have been ever enrolled, even he/she was enrolled for only one day.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Withdrawn Students: Do the data include students who have been withdrawn from the district?

Chronic Absence data includes all students who were ever enrolled in the district for that given year and who had an attendance record. The metrics do not exclude students who were enrolled for fewer than X days. The rationale for including students who withdrew is so that you can still get an accurate picture of how the district or school is doing on attendance. e.g. if many chronically absent students withdrew from a school, then the problem might be masked if withdrawn students are removed.

Transfer Students: If students transfer to another school within the district, does the data transfer to the next school or does it remain at the previous school and then a student receives a new attendance rate at the new school? How are the attendance rates rolled up/aggregated if students attend multiple schools within the district?

The district chronic absence rate includes the student’s entire attendance history within the district for that year. The school chronic absence rate includes only that student’s attendance earned at the school. If a student has a dual enrollment at two schools within the district at the same point in time, then the primary school is credited with the attendance results.

For the monthly chronic absence data, is it cumulative from the beginning of the year or is it for each distinct month?

The chronic absence metrics are cumulative from the beginning of the year. The chronic absence result in April, for example, will reflect the number of students who were chronically absent based on their attendance rate as of the latest date in April out of all students ever-enrolled as of the latest date in April.