Assessment Template

Schoolzilla is now offering an assessment template for loading generic test data into the achievement data model. Please contact your impact manager for implementation costs if you’re interested!

Assessment Template Metrics in Schoolzilla

The assessment template supports three options for metrics in Schoolzilla. Each metric can be calculated on an annual or periodic basis.


  • This metric shows the percent of students who are proficient or above at the district and school level. The student metric – or the result shown on Our Students and the Student Profile – will show a student’s maximum proficiency level on the specified assessment per period.
  • This metric relies on values in the ProficiencyLevelScore column of the template, which must be an integer (ex. 1) and cannot be text (ex. Below Basic).
  • We support four proficiency levels by default.
  • This type reports data at the student level as an integer.

Percentile Score

  • This metric shows the percent of students who are at or above a percentile score threshold at the district and school level. The student metric shows the student’s maximum percentile score on the assessment per period.
  • This metric relies on values in the PercentileScore column in the template.
  • We support four proficiency levels by default.

Percent Score

  • The Percent Score metric shows the percent of students who are at or above a percent score threshold at the district and school level. The student metric shows the student’s maximum percent score on the assessment per period.
  • This metric relies on values in the PercentScore column in the template.
  • The value should be in number/decimal format (i.e. 0.26).
  • We support five proficiency levels by default.

Adding the Assessment Template

  • Download the attached .csv file Generic Test Template.csv
  • Follow the notes below to determine which fields to populate.
  • Please do not add, remove, or change the order of any columns in the template.
  • The template includes a sample row of data that should be deleted.
  • Save the file as a .csv
  • Upload the file to My Data.
  • Contact Support and include information on the configuration options below.

Required Fields

Ensure the following fields contain data:

Required Column in Assessment Template Details
SystemStudentID The unique student identifier from your student information system (SIS). Required for linking data to individual students. If you only have StateStudentID, you can enter that identifier instead of the identifier from your SIS (do not change the column header).
SystemSchoolID The SystemSchoolID should indicate the school at which the assessment was taken (or where the student was enrolled when the assessment occurred), and be consistent with the SystemSchoolID provided to Schoolzilla via School Settings. Failing to populate this column will result in all data associated with a school of '-----', and an unknown school year.
TestDate The date the assessment was administered.
TestType The minimum information required to identify the assessment. For example, "District Benchmark" or "NWEA MAP". This is used to match the data from the file to the right metric/tile on the dashboard, and it should match the test type value shared with setup or support when you requested the metric initially. This field has a 50-character limit.
TestScore The student’s assessment result. This value must be numeric.
TestPeriod Required for displaying results on the trend line view in Schoolzilla. For annual assessments (i.e. assessments that are only administered once per year), use the value "Annual". For periodic assessments, specify the name of the window during which the assessment was administered. Examples might include "Fall", "Winter", "Spring", or "Cycle 1", "Cycle 2", "Cycle 3". We will use the TestDate value to determine the applicable school year.

Proficiency Metric: ProficiencyLevelScore

Percentile Score Metric: PercentileScore

Percent Score Metric: PercentScore

Provides the student-level value that the metric will use.

Please note: If only the TestScore field is populated, we will NOT be able to calculate any metrics from this template. If you wish to use data from the Assessment Template in Schoolzilla, you must include ProficiencyLevelScore, PercentileScore, or PercentScore.

Optional Fields:

  • TestSubject (strongly recommended): This field is generally useful for reporting purposes and will help us if we need to generate separate metric tiles per subject for the same test type.
  • For customers with Schoolzilla Enterprise, if you would like to track the staff member who administered the exam in the Achievement Data Block, please populate the SystemStaffID.

Configuration Options

If you would like to set up an assessment template metric, please reach out to Schoolzilla Support with the below information.

  • Metric Name
  • Metric Definition
  • Metric Type (Proficiency, Percentile Score, Percent Score)
  • Frequency (Annual or Periodic)
  • Test Type (To be used in the TestType column of the files you upload)
  • Desired Filters
  • Performance Levels
    • Proficiency Rate Metrics: What performance levels are considered meeting expectations?
    • Percentile and Percent Score Metrics: What are the minimum and maximum scores for each performance level, where minimum is inclusive (e.g., 40-60 percentile score)? What is the description for each performance level? Which performance levels are considered meeting expectations (e.g., 60 percentile and above)?
    • NOTE: Performance level cut points are specific to each tile or metric. This means that if a metric shows proficiency rate for an ELA assessment, the proficiency level cut points must be the same across all grades levels. If you have different cut points per school level, talk with Schoolzilla Support or your project manager to explore possibilities for showing these differences in Schoolzilla – either by standardizing proficiency levels or setting up tiles per school level.
  • Strategic Pillar - To which pillar should we add the metric? (Pillars are the section heading to the left of the tiles.)


  • The assessment template does not currently support subscores.
  • Files should not exceed 1 GB.
  • We do not calculate custom metrics that would have different definitions than described above or show scores loaded into other columns of the assessment template.

Frequently Asked Questions

I made a mistake! How do I edit a row of data in a file?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to make row edits to a file. You can download your file from my data, delete the old file and reload after making your edits.

The Achievement Data Review report indicates students and schools were not matched. What happened?

  • We will match the SystemStudentID in the Assessment Template to the SystemStudentID in Schoolzilla. We will then try to match the IDs provided in the Assessment Template against StateStudentID in Schoolzilla and finally try to match name and date of birth.
  • For schools, we will match the SystemSchoolID in the Assessment Template to SystemSchoolID in Schoolzilla. These will be the school identifiers in your SIS. You can look them up in My Schools to verify the correct codes (click on a school name).
  • If you are receiving reported mismatches, please double check that the ID you provided in the file matches a student or school in Schoolzilla. If updates need to be made, go ahead and delete out the bad file and upload a new file with corrected IDs.

I uploaded a file, but scores are missing for a student. What happened?

If a student has more than one score on the same day for the same test (same test type, subtype, subject, name and grade level), then only one score for that student will be loaded.

How long does it take for data to appear in the data warehouse?

After the initial set up of the connector, files should be automatically loaded into your data warehouse within 24 hours of your upload.