Adding Survey Data Using Metric Upload

The Metric Upload feature allows Schoolzilla Administrators to upload district or school results, including results by demographic group, for any metrics that matter for your district. This creates a custom metric in Schoolzilla with school and district-level data (not student-level) that will appear on the District Profile, School Profile, and Our Schools dashboards.

This custom metric option can be very useful for staff, parent, or anonymous student surveys and support your staff to easily access and review results for key aspects of the surveys. You likely would want to include a composite score or highlight the most important questions that your district tracks, rather than including every survey question.

Here is an example of how this could look for parent survey data.

example of parent survey data

Metric Configuration

  • Short name: Parent Surveys
  • Time period type: Annual (if given annually or periodic if given multiple times per school year)
  • Definition: Percent of parents who responded positively (good/very good/excellent) to key survey questions
  • Up is good: True (desired outcome is a high number)
  • Descriptor: Parents who responded positively (good/very good/excellent)
  • Data type: Percent

With this configuration, the overall metric value is the percent of positive responses on a few key questions.

You can disaggregate the data (horizontal bar tile option) by specific questions if you provide detail on responses to specific questions by including question-level data in the data file. 

example of disaggregating the data

With this example, the data file would include rows for each of the questions you wanted to included. In these rows, the aggregate_type equal to "All Questions" and aggregate_value equal to the question text you want to display. Here is what the data file would like look for the above data:

example of the data file

Please speak with the Schoolzilla administrator at your district if you're interested in adding survey data. 

If you're a Schoolzilla administrator, see detailed instructions and glossary for using Metric Upload in this help article or go to My Data to upload your configuration file!