Acadience Reading Assessment Proficiency Metric Business Rules

Definition: Percent of students who met or exceeded proficiency on the Acadience Reading Assessment.

Periodicity (time period): Periodic

Default Cut Point: Benchmark (student scored at the benchmark)

Default Performance Levels:

Label Criteria
green Above Benchmark green Proficiency score 4
teal Benchmark teal Proficiency score 3
red Below Benchmark red Proficiency score 2
dark red Well Below Benchmark dark red Proficiency score 1

Possible Configurations:

  • Admin User: n/a
  • Schoolzilla support: Performance levels.

District and School Metric Calculation: 

Acadience proficiency rate = Number of students who are at/above district benchmark
Number of students tested


  1. Students who completed the Acadience Reading assessment and had a valid benchmark score in the most recent screening window (excludes deactivated tests), including students who have exited.
  2. A school’s Acadience Reading metrics only include students’ Acadience Reading data from when they attended that school.
  3. If a student is dual/concurrently enrolled, his/her scores would contribute to the school where the scores were earned.
  4. The student records that are used to calculate the district metric include all assessments completed while the student was enrolled in the district. See the logic below.
    • The metric on District Profile/Our Schools uses a student's assessment records from any school in the district.
    • The metric on School Profile uses a student's assessments completed in that school (including students who are no longer enrolled, but were enrolled when they completed the assessment)
    • The metric on Our Students/Student Profile shows any assessments completed while the student was enrolled in the district, even if the student was enrolled in another school at the time. If the student completed more than one assessment within the window, the most recent score will be used.

Student Level Metric: Proficiency level


Update frequency: Nightly