Student Profile

The Student Profile dashboard provides a holistic view of an individual student’s performance over time. This is a great tool for IEP/RTI meetings and conferences with students or parents.

When you select the Student Profile dashboard, you can see more about a specific student's information and test data.

Use the drop-down lists in the top right corner of the page to select a school and student. The schools you have access to depend on your role in the software; school leaders can only select their own schools.

At the top of the page, you can see the selected student's demographic information. Select Show more to see additional information.


Note: FRL (free or reduced lunch) status will not show on the Student Profile, even if it is shown on the other dashboards based on Data Configuration Settings. Other demographic data comes from information that has been entered in your Renaissance software; any information that has not been entered will not be shown here.

The page shows the student's leading indicators from Star Reading, Star Math, and Star Early Literacy tests, including Percentile Rank, estimated state benchmark level (1 being the lowest level), and Student Growth Percentile (SGP). For Star Spanish tests, Percentile Ranks and Student Growth Percentiles are shown. The dark line on each graph shows data from the current school year; the lighter line shows data from the previous school year. Hover over the circle for a score to see details.

You can also get to the Student Profile dashboard by selecting a student's name on the Our Students dashboard.

Schoolzilla Starter includes tests taken in a district screening window. Only tests taken in a district screening window are shown, and only for schools that use the district screening windows. If students have taken more than one test in a district screening window, only the most recent test is included for benchmark metrics.