Setting District and School Goals in Renaissance Analytics

Note that only Renaissance Analytics Administrators can currently set goals (not school leaders for individual schools); Renaissance Analytics Administrators are users who are District Level Administrators in other Renaissance software. Renaissance Analytics Administrators should collaborate with school-level leadership to set goals, and then have leaders share their goals with you so that you can add them to Renaissance Analytics on their behalf.

All data in this article is simulated data from a Renaissance Analytics demo site.

Setting meaningful goals is an important step in using the full functionality of Renaissance Analytics progress monitoring. Once you have set goals they will be shown on metrics and dashboards, and metrics will be shown in green if goals are being met or red if they are not being met.

Who can do this?

Renaissance Analytics Administrators

How to Set Goals

  1. To set goals, first navigate to Metric Settings in the Settings menu.
  2. Select Metric Settings

  3. Once inside Metric Settings, select the metric for which you wish to set a goal (such as Star Reading Proficiency Rate for the District Benchmark).
  4. At the bottom of the page, there is a section labeled "Goals." This is where you will set district-level and school-level goals.
  5. Enter your district’s goal into the box for District Goal. If you would like this goal to apply to all schools as well, click Apply to All. Then, click the Save button that appears next to the "Goals" heading.


    To change an individual school's goals, enter the goal into the box to the right of the school's name. If you don't want the school to have a goal at this time, check the box in the "No goal" column to the right of the school's name.

Set Goals by School Level

You can also set goals by school level: elementary, middle, or high. Click the arrow next to the word “All”; then, select and apply goals for all schools within a level or for individual schools within each level.

 Be sure to save your goals!

You may then repeat this process for any of the metrics in your site.

Reminder: Once your goals have been set, it can take up to 24 hours for changes to be applied to your site. Note the date and time shown in the preview.

Goals Metric Preview