Schoolzilla Starter Frequently Asked Questions

Why might student counts in Schoolzilla Starter not match student counts shown in Star reports?

  • District Screening Windows: Only tests taken in the district screening windows are included in Schoolzilla Starter. If students take more than one test in those windows, only the most recent test for each student is included in Schoolzilla Starter. Star reports may include tests that were taken in other time periods, such as school screening windows that are outside of the district screening windows.
  • Test Types: Schoolzilla Starter includes only Enterprise tests from Star Reading, Star Math, and Star Early Literacy. It does not include Progress Monitoring tests, Star Math Algebra or Geometry tests, or Star Custom assessments. (The types of Star tests that your students take depend on the settings of these preferences: Enterprise Tests (School), Enterprise Tests (Class), and the Math Test Type class preference.)
  • Benchmarks and Norm-Referenced Scores: Schoolzilla Starter shows data for students for which benchmark information and norm-referenced scores are available. For some situations, benchmark information and norm-referenced scores are not available, such as for kindergarteners taking a Star Math test or Pre-K students taking a Star Early Literacy test. Those tests are not included in Schoolzilla Starter.
  • Students Enrolled in Multiple Schools: If a student is enrolled in multiple schools and classes, the student selects a class when taking a Star test, and that class selection associates the student's test score with a specific school. In Schoolzilla Starter, the student's test score will be associated only with that school, and not with other schools that the student is enrolled in.
  • Historical Data: Past data may include only students who are currently enrolled or both currently enrolled students and those who are no longer enrolled. If you filter or compare by current grade level, Is SPED, EL Status, migrant status, or SPED status, then only currently enrolled students with the values you select are included. For example, if you filter for students who are currently in 5th grade, then the data will show students who are currently enrolled and in 5th grade now over the selected years (when they were in previous grades). If you filter or compare only by gender or primary ethnicity, the data will include both students who are enrolled now and those who were enrolled in the past so that you can see if there were differences in performance by gender or ethnicity over time. This is also true when you filter or compare by school level and/or school region.

Why are Student Growth Percentiles (SGPs) different in Schoolzilla Starter and Star reports?

In Schoolzilla Starter, Student Growth Percentile requires a Fall test score, and the first Fall test is used as the starting point; Star reports may use other tests as the starting point. Schoolzilla Starter also reports current Student Growth Percentiles, which means it shows the Student Growth Percentile that is associated with the latest test in the second window of the growth period (such as Fall to Winter or Fall to Spring); Star reports may show either current or window-specific Student Growth Percentiles. For more information about Student Growth Percentiles and Star, see Student Growth Percentile (SGP).

The benchmark categories shown in Schoolzilla Starter aren't what I expect to see

Schoolzilla Starter uses the District benchmarks set up in Renaissance software, and it reflects the State benchmarks that you can also see in Renaissance software. For more information, see District and State Benchmarks in Schoolzilla Starter.

Are deactivated Star tests included in Schoolzilla Starter?

No. Tests that you deactivate in the Star Record Book are not included in Schoolzilla Starter, Star reports, or calculations.