Quick Start Guide for District or School Leaders

We value your students' privacy. All images in this article were produced with simulated data.

Welcome to Schoolzilla Starter! We are excited to offer you access to all of your district’s data in one place. Here are a few tips for getting started. To make sure that key tasks have been completed, see the Schoolzilla Starter Administrator Checklist.


Not sure what Schoolzilla Starter offers? Start with the video you'll find in Introduction to Schoolzilla Starter, or keep reading.

Your Data in Schoolzilla

Schoolzilla Starter gives you insight into your students' Star performance across subjects. Your data is displayed across 5 dashboards, each designed with a unique purpose in mind.

Schoolzilla Starter Dashboards

District and School Profiles

The District Profile and School Profile display data in tiles. These tiles allow you to fully explore each metric. Metrics include Star proficiency on district benchmarks (English and Spanish), Star proficiency on state benchmarks (English only), and Student Growth Percentiles (English and Spanish); for more information, see Star Scores in Schoolzilla Starter.

Schoolzilla Starter Tiles

Clicking on the icons at the bottom of each tile allows you to gain additional insight into each metric.

Data Displays

If you need to do a more in-depth analysis, Metric Zoom () allows you to see up to 5 years of data (if available) and see longitudinal data by different groups of students (e.g., primary ethnicity or other demographic data if that data has been added for students in Renaissance software). On the District Profile, Metric Zoom is available to those who have access to all schools.

Schoolzilla Starter includes students who have taken a Star test and gotten a benchmark score in a district screening window. Only tests taken in a district screening window are shown, and only for schools that use the district screening windows. If students have taken more than one test in a district screening window, only the most recent test is included for benchmark metrics.

Our Schools

Our Schools allows you to quickly compare progress across schools. You can sort by an individual metric or filter by demographic fields to ensure you are equitably serving all students. The schools that are included are those that are actively being used on your Renaissance site based on the current school year. For more information, see Our Schools Dashboard.

Our Schools

Our Students

Our Students offers insight into individual student performance. You can sort or filter by metrics and demographic fields. You can also create custom groups and views, making it easy to track students’ progress over time or quickly run routine reports. For more information, see Our Students.

Our Students

Student Profile

Finally, the Student Profile provides in-depth information about each individual student. The student’s demographic data (as provided in Renaissance software) appears at the top left, with metrics and trend lines displaying below.

Student Profile

Users & Permissions

Schoolzilla Starter classifies users into two categories: Administrators and School Leaders. Schoolzilla Starter Administrators are users who are District Level Administrators in other Renaissance software. Other District personnel in Renaissance software are School Leaders with access to all schools; they can view data for all schools and students, but they don't have the same access to settings that Administrators have. School Level Administrators and staff in Renaissance software are also School Leaders in Schoolzilla Starter, but they can only view data for their schools and students. (Teachers in Renaissance do not have access to Schoolzilla Starter.)

Schoolzilla User Type District Profile Our Schools School Profile Our Students Student Profile
Schoolzilla Starter Administrators ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL
School Leaders ALL ALL Assigned Schools* All in Assigned Schools* All in Assigned Schools*

* School Leaders who are District personnel in Renaissance can access all schools and students.

Schoolzilla Starter Administrators also have the ability to change district and school goals, determine which metrics are visible for which schools, and make other configurations to your site. School Leaders cannot change those settings. 

Additional Support

Still have questions? Check out additional Schoolzilla Starter help articles or contact Support.