Freckle Data in Renaissance Analytics

For the district and schools, Renaissance Analytics shows the number of active Freckle students and Freckle accuracy (percent correct). For students, Renaissance Analytics shows sessions completed data and accuracy. By default, Freckle data is shown for ELA and math. You can turn on data for science and social studies in the Metric Settings. Data is updated nightly.

All Freckle data is for the past 28 days in the current school year. In the Student Profile, you can see previous 28-day time periods. Metric Zoom includes Freckle data for the current and previous school years; it also allows you to view Freckle data by practice type.

Note: Renaissance Analytics only includes Freckle data for students who are added through Renaissance software and shared with Freckle. Any students who are added or imported directly in Freckle will not be included in Renaissance Analytics data.

School and District Metrics (District and School Profiles and Our Schools Dashboard)

Active Students

  • Definition: The number of students who have completed one or more sessions in the past 28 days.

Accuracy (Percent Correct) Business Rules

  • Definition: The percent of students whose overall percent correct in the past 28 days is 80% or higher.
  • Cut point: 80% or higher.

Student Metrics (Our Students and Student Profile Dashboards)

Sessions Completed Business Rules

  • Definition: The number of sessions completed by students in the past 28 days.
  • Default Performance Levels on the Our Students Dashboard:
  • Label Criteria
    dark green 7 or more sessions dark green 7+
    lighter green 3 to 6 sessions lighter green 3-6
    red 1-2 sessions red 1-2

Accuracy Business Rules

  • Definition: The overall percent correct for students in the specified subject in the past 28 days.
  • Default Cut Point: 80%.
  • Default Performance Levels on the Our Students Dashboard:
  • Label Criteria
    green Averaged 80%-100% green 80%-100%
    yellow Averaged 50%-84.9% yellow 50%-84.9%
    red Averaged Below 50% red < 50%