District Screening Windows and Schoolzilla Starter

The assessment data that you see in Schoolzilla Starter is for assessments taken during district screening windows (not school screening windows). Screening windows are set up in the Renaissance software. By default (before any changes are made), each new school year has three district screening windows:

  • Fall: 8/15-9/30
  • Winter: 12/1-1/15
  • Spring: 4/15-5/31

However, administrators can make changes to these windows or the schools assigned to them. When administrators change district screening windows, they should make sure that:

  • District screening windows are still available for all school years after the changes.
  • All schools are assigned to the district screening windows.
  • The district screening windows cover the Star screening timeframes for all schools in your district.

If you're missing some assessment data in Schoolzilla Starter, check the following;

  • Have the district screening windows been deleted? If district screening windows aren't available for a school year, assessment data for that school year won't be brought into Schoolzilla Starter. If your administrator has deleted district screening windows, create new district screening windows to cover the time period when screening assessments are taken. Data from those district screening windows will be brought into Schoolzilla Starter starting the next night.
  • Have schools been removed from district screening windows? Only schools included in the district screening windows will have data in Schoolzilla Starter. If your administrator has done this, you can edit the district screening windows and check the boxes next to the schools; the next time data is brought into Schoolzilla Starter, it will include the schools you have added to the district screening windows. If you want specific schools to have shorter screening timeframes within the district screening window, the District Level Administrator or School Level Administrator can change the dates next to a school name while editing district screening windows.

For more about district screening windows, see the following:

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