Changing Demographic and School Groupings (Data Configuration Settings)

In the Data Configuration Settings, you can choose which filters are visible to users when you select a metric on dashboards, and you can add or change demographic categories.

Who can do this?

Schoolzilla Starter Administrators

Review and group demographics

It will take 24 hours for configuration changes to take effect.

Schoolzilla Starter Administrators can access Data Configuration Settings by selecting Settings, then Data Configuration Settings.

When you come to this page, Demographic Breakdowns are selected.

On the left side of the page, you will see a list of the demographic breakdowns that are available, and the first one (Current Grade Level) will be selected. Select the demographic breakdown that you want to see or change the settings for.

Note: Demographic breakdowns reflect the demographic information that you have entered in Renaissance software (gender, characteristics, etc.). If the demographic information has not been entered for students, it will not be available in Schoolzilla Starter.

For the demographic breakdown that you have selected, you can see more information about the source of the data in Renaissance in the top right corner of the page.

For the selected demographic breakdown, you can do the following:

  • Decide whether the demographic breakdown should be one of the available filters or bar graph views when you select a metric tile. To set this, use the toggle on the right side of the page to choose one of the following:
    Visible on Dashboard or Hidden on Dashboard
    Note that it can take up to 24 hours for your change to take effect.
  • Group demographics into your own categories:
    • To create a new category, use the scrollbar under the existing categories to scroll to the right until you see the New Category button, and select it to create your own category. Enter the category name, choose whether to make it the default category, and select Update.
    • Use the  above each existing category to edit the name or choose to make it the default category; then, select Update.
    • Use the above existing categories to delete a category.
    • To move a value from one category to another, check the value in the category list, select the category that you want to move it to from the drop-down list, and select Move.

School Level and School Region

Note that School Level (such as elementary, middle, and high) and School Region are the last two demographic breakdowns listed. Use these if you need to change how your schools are grouped by level or region. You can follow the same instructions to make changes that you use for the other demographic breakdowns as described above.

Metric Configurations

Metric configurations are not available for Schoolzilla Starter, but they are available for paid versions of Schoolzilla.