Accelerated Reader Data in Renaissance Analytics

Renaissance Analytics shows the following Accelerated Reader data:

  • Active students
  • Quiz proficiency
  • Quizzes passed school year to date (shown for the district and schools only)

Data is updated nightly.

School and District Metrics (District Profile, School Profile, and Our Schools Dashboard)

Metric Description

Active Students

Definition: The number of students who have taken at least one Accelerated Reader quiz of any type in the past 28 days, regardless of whether quizzes were passed or failed.

Quiz Proficiency (Percent Correct)

Definition: The percent of active students whose average quiz percent correct in the past 28 days is 85% or higher. Average quiz percent correct for each student is the average of their quiz scores for all quizzes they've taken (passed and failed).

Cut point: 85% or higher.

Quizzes Passed School Year to Date

Definition: The number of Accelerated Reader quizzes of any type passed by students in the current school year.

example of Accelerated Reader tiles from the District Profile

Student Metrics (Our Students and Student Profile Dashboards)

AR Quizzes Taken During the Last 28 Days

  • Definition: The number of quizzes taken by students in the past 28 days (includes passed and failed quizzes).
  • Performance Levels on the Our Students Dashboard:
  • Color Criteria
    dark green 7 or more quizzes taken
    lighter green 3-6 quizzes taken
    yellow 1-2 quizzes taken

Accelerated Reader Quiz Average Percent Correct

  • Definition: The average percent correct for each student, calculated as an average of their percent correct scores on each quiz. Both passed and failed quizzes are included.
  • Default Cut Point: 85%.
  • Default Performance Levels on the Our Students Dashboard:
  • Color Criteria (Average Percent Correct)
    dark green 95% or higher
    lighter green 85%-94.9%
    orange 75%-84.9%
    red Below 75%

Past Data

In the Student Profile, you can see data from the current and previous school year. Metric Zoom also includes Accelerated Reader data for the current and previous school years.

Data by Book Level, Fiction/Nonfiction, and Quiz Type

Metric Zoom also allows you to view Accelerated Reader data by ATOS book level, literacy category (fiction or nonfiction), and quiz type (Reading Practice, Other Reading, Literacy Skills, Article, and Vocabulary Practice Quizzes).