Observe and Orient: Quadrant View

The arrangement of the schools in the quadrant view is based on their relation to both the Impact Metric and the Factor Metric. The Impact Metric is on the vertical y-axis, and the Factor Metric is on the horizontal x-axis.

The two metrics have a suggested minimum level that students in schools should be achieving (these suggestions come from Renaissance Learning). These levels are indicated by the green lines on the quadrant view ( and ).

Not all metrics will have suggestions from Renaissance Learning. When no suggestion exists, the green lines will not appear unless you set a goal for that metric in the Decide and Act/Adjust view .

In the example above:

  • The Impact Metric is Student Growth Percentile (SGP), which has a suggested goal of 66 or higher. The median SGP Reading score of all the students in a school determine that school's vertical placement on the grid.
  • The Factor Metric is Star Current Score - Reading, which has a suggested goal of 665 or higher. The average Star Reading Scaled Score of all the students in a school determine that school's horizontal placement on the grid.
Schools in the upper-right quadrant are reaching both of those specified minimum levels, those in the upper-left and lower-right quadrants are only reaching one of these levels, and schools in the lower-left quadrant are not reaching either level.

If you change to the stack view, the chosen metrics will be carried over to that screen as the initial column metrics.

You can change the arrangement of the data in several ways (be aware that changes to the view are automatically saved as you make them):

  • Use the Group Set drop-down list to choose a different group set to view, or select Add/Remove Group Sets to make a new group set.

    On the Groups tab in the example above, the schools have not been placed in user-created group sets; they are arranged in "default" groups based on the chosen metrics. If you have created group sets, you can move schools from one group to another

  • Hide schools or groups from the view by selecting the check mark on the left side of the school or group ; this will remove the check mark from the circle and the item will be hidden. Hidden items will still be visible on the Groups tab, but will be whited out: , and any data related to hidden items will not be used when calculating the positions of the remaining items on the quadrant view. Select the circle on the left to re-check it and restore the item to the current view.
  • Collapse a group of schools into a single item on the quadrant view by selecting the arrow to the right of the group's name . The item representing the group will be placed based on the average metric value of all visible (non-hidden) schools in the group. Select the arrow again to expand the group.

  • Select a different scale , Impact Metric , or Factor Metric . Note that changing the Impact Metric and Factor Metric will change the labels on the quadrant grid's axes.
  • Select the Filters tab to apply different filters to the data displayed in the quadrant grid.
  • Select the Stack View button to change from the quadrant view to the stack view.

You can print a copy of the current view by selecting the PDF button in the upper-right corner .