Using Filters

Dashboard filters let you focus on particular "slices" of data out of an entire set. This helps you target problem areas so you can plan accordingly.

The schools and groups on the dashboard will adjust dynamically, rearranging based on the filters chosen.

Filters can be applied to a new dashboard while you are building it, and also to an existing dashboard to change the parameters of the data being viewed. When a filter is applied to a view, it remains in place until it is changed again.

  1. To get to the filters:

    Two filters have been set: the grade (grade 9), and the student ethnicity (schools where 50 to 100% of the students are Hispanic).
  2. The filters you can apply to the dashboard will be on the Filters tab (some of them are in expanding lists; select the gray arrow on the right to expand or contract a list).
  3. Check the box next to a filter to turn the filter on; remove the check to turn it off.

    Some filters require further refinement. In this example, the student-level filter Grade has been turned on; select a button to choose which grade the filter should reveal.

    Further down, the school-level filter Ethnicity - Hispanic has been turned on; a two-circle slider lets you choose a minimum/maximum percentage range of the school population.
    • Student-level filters can hide students from the system.
    • School-level filters can hide entire schools from the system.
    For example, consider Allentown High School:

    Aggregate SGP % Hispanic Students
    Grade 9 50 27
    Grade 10 39 23
    Grade 11 37 29
    Grade 12 34 21
    Aggregate SGP, Grades 9–12: 40
    % Hispanic Students, Grades 9–12: 25
    • If only a student-level filter were set (Grade 9), Allentown would be shown on the dashboard with an SGP of 50—the filter ignores the students who are not in Grade 9.
    • If only a school-level filter were set (Hispanic 30–100%), Allentown would not be shown on the dashboard—Allentown's Hispanic % enrollment is lower than the range set in the filter. If this same filter were changed to Hispanic 0–30%, Allentown would be shown on the dashboard.
    • If the filters are combined (student-level filter = Grade 9, school-level filter = Hispanic 0–30%), Allentown would be shown with an SGP of 50; if the student-level filter were subsequently removed, Allentown would still be shown, but with an SGP of 40, since all grades in the school are being considered now.
  4. Once you have finished adjusting filters on a dashboard, they will remain in place until you change them again.