Scaled Score (SS)

The Scaled Score (SS) is the most fundamental score produced by assignments and tests. It ranges from 0–1400 and spans grades 1–12.

In Star Early Literacy, Star Unified Scale scores range from 200–1100. On the Star Enterprise Scale (available in Mississippi only), Star Early Literacy Scaled Scores range from 300–900.

If a student receives a Star Unified Scaled score lower than 615 on a Star Reading test (or lower than 8 on the Star Enterprise Scale) and that student's teacher has a verified email address in Renaissance, the teacher will receive a “Probable Non-Reader” alert:

The alert states that the student's latest Star Reading score is in the range that usually occurs when a student is simply guessing or randomly choosing responses. It also states that the student may not yet be reading independently or have the reading skills to successfully complete the test, advising the student be re-tested once they have a sight-reading vocabulary of at least 100 words.

Scaled Scores are calculated based on the difficulty of the questions and the number of correct responses. The Scaled Score is useful for comparing student performance over time and across grades.

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SS can be found on the following reports: