Quantile® Range

A Quantile® Range represents the difficulty range that optimizes the likelihood of a successful instructional experience. It is calculated by adding and subtracting 50 points from a student's Quantile® Measure. For example, a student with a Quantile® Measure of 738Q would have a Quantile® Range of 688Q–788Q.

A student with a Quantile Measure of 738 Q. The student's Quantile Range is calculated from 50 points below that figure to 50 points above it, giving a range of 688 Q to 788 Q.

If the Quantile® Measure Preference is turned on, students' Quantile® Measure and Quantile® Range can be seen in the following reports:

To better understand Quantile® Measures, please visit the MetaMetrics site at https://www.quantiles.com/educators/understanding-quantile-measures/what-is-a-quantile-measure/

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