Quantile® measure

A Quantile® measure is used to help educators understand which skills and concepts students are ready to learn, the level of success students are expected to have with an upcoming skill or concept, and how students are growing in mathematics on a single scale across grade levels.

  • The Quantile® measure is shown as a number with a "Q" after it: 750Q is 750 Quantile®.
  • Quantile® measures range from EM400Q–1600Q and span the skills and concepts taught in kindergarten through high school. Scores below 0Q are prefixed with "EM" for Emerging Mathematician. For these scores, the higher the number is, the lower the actual score is: for example, a score of EM200Q is lower than EM100Q, as shown on the right.

If the Quantile® measure Preference is turned on, students' Quantile® measures can be seen (for Star Math Enterprise and Star Math Progress Monitoring assessments in grades 1–12) in the following reports:

At this time, Quantile® measures are not available for Star Math Algebra, Star Math Geometry, or Star Math Spanish assessments.

To better understand Quantile® measures, please visit the MetaMetrics site at https://www.quantiles.com/educators/understanding-quantile-measures/what-is-a-quantile-measure/

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