Students earn points for the following Accelerated Reader quiz types:

  • Reading Practice Quizzes (including Teacher-Made Quizzes)
  • Other Reading Quizzes
  • Article Quizzes

Points are a measure of the amount of reading practice a student is getting. Every Reading Practice Quiz and Other Reading Quiz has a point value assigned to it based on the book level and the word count of the book (the book's difficulty and length). Students earn points by passing the Reading Practice Quizzes and Other Reading Quizzes. The points that a student earns on a quiz are based on the total point value of the quiz and the score the student received on it.

For Article Quizzes, students earn up to 1 point for each passed quiz, depending on their score.

Teachers can set goals for the number of reading points that each student should earn during a specified time period. These goals are included on some reports and in some dashboards.

For more detailed information about points, see Points in Accelerated Reader.