Probable Non-Reader Alerts

If a student answers too many items on a Star Reading Enterprise test incorrectly (ending up with a Scaled Score lower than 615 on the Unified Scale or lower than 8 on the Enterprise Scale), it may indicate that the student was randomly guessing answers. When this happens, a Probable Non-Reader Alert is triggered. The program will automatically create a notification letter and email it to the student's teacher (assuming that teacher has a verified email address in Renaissance). This will allow the teacher to prioritize the student for interventions.

The alert states that the student's latest Star Reading score is in the range that usually occurs when a student is simply guessing or randomly choosing responses. It also states that the student may not yet be reading independently or have the reading skills to successfully complete the test, advising the student be re-tested once they have a sight-reading vocabulary of at least 100 words.

Only lead teachers receive these alerts, not team teachers.