Lexile® range

A Lexile® range is based on a student's Lexile® measure, which measures the student's reading ability level.

The range reaches from 100L below the Lexile® measure to 50L above it. This range represents the boundaries between the easiest kind of reading material for the student and the level at which the student will be more challenged yet can still read successfully.

A student with a Lexile measure of 637 L. The student's Lexile range is calculated from 100 points below that figure to 50 points above it, giving a range of 537 L to 687 L.

On reports that include Lexile® ranges, ranges calculated from very low Lexile® measures are treated specially:

  • For Lexile® measures from BR400L to BR300L, the lower end of the Lexile® range will be BR400L (the upper range will be calculated normally: the actual Lexile® measure +50L).
  • For Lexile® measures below BR400L, the lower and upper ends of the Lexile® range will be represented by dashes (--).

On reports that show students' Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD), if the Lexile® range preference has been set to use Lexile® ranges, the Lexile® range will replace the ZPD.

Lexile® ranges can be found on the following reports:

Lexile® ranges are only shown on reports when the Lexile® scale is the chosen scale. The Lexile® scale will not be a selectable scale option when a report is being run for Star Math (English or Spanish).

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