Item Responses

On the Item Responses page, you can see responses that were chosen for student assignments. This can help you see how students did on the items. It can also enable to you evaluate how good the items are based on the distractors that students have chosen.

There are two ways to get to this page:

  • You can choose Item Responses from the Star/Assessment tab on the Reports page. You will find it in the Star Custom section of the page.
  • You can click the Item Responses link for scored assignments when you use the Track Student Work Dashboard or Review Results Dashboard to view assignments for a plan, student scores for an assignment, or the status of one student's work:

Item response information is available for assignments from Star Custom, Accelerated Reader 360, and Accelerated Math Instructional Practice.

Selecting the Students and Response Data to View

To start, choose what you want to see:

  1. The class, group, or students you selected on the previous page are automatically selected on this page. If you want to view data for different students, at the top of the page, select the first link.
  2. In the columns that open, find and choose the students whose data you want to see. Then, select Apply.

    District-level personnel will typically be asked to choose the school, teacher, class or group, and then the students. School administrators and non-teaching staff are typically asked to choose a teacher, class or group, and students. Teachers are typically asked to choose the class or group and students.

    In the last column, first choose whether to see data for all students in the class or to select the students. If you choose to select students, check the box for each student that you want to include in the data.

    You can search the items in a column by clicking within that column and then typing Ctrl+F or control-F on the keyboard.

    When you have finished, select Apply.

    The groups that are available are custom groups that you have added for Dashboards, Planner, Star Custom, Accelerated Math Instructional Practice, and AR 360 (depending on the subject that is selected).

    In the Classes and Groups column, you will see the class listed, and then each group for a class. For example, if Class A has custom groups set up named Blue Group and Green Group, you would see Class A listed alone, then Class A - Blue Group and Class A - Green Group.

  3. Next, select the second link to choose how you want to view item response data:
    • Recent item responses show you up to 200 items taken most recently.
    • Most used item responses show you the 200 items that were used the most, regardless of when they were used.
    • Item responses for an assignment show you students' responses to the items on a specific assignment.
    • Item responses search allows you to search through all items related to the product that you're viewing data for and that the selected class or group has responded to. This is not a full-text search, so be sure to search for the first words in the item in order.
    • For example, to find an item called "Identify verbs in the given sentence," you can find the item if you search for "Identify verbs," but not if you search only for the word "verbs."

Viewing Item Response Data

If you have chosen to view data for recent or most used item responses, you will see a table of data right away.

If you have chosen to review items from an assignment, use the drop-down list to choose the assignment that you want to view data for; then, select Update. The assignments that you can select are those in the plan that you were viewing:

If you have chosen "item responses search," enter a term to search for and select Update.

After you've chosen the information to view, you'll see a table. The table includes information about each of the items on the assignment that you selected on the previous page.

If you are viewing the information for multiple students, you'll see a table like this example:

The table includes this information:

  • Activity: The activity that the item appeared on.
  • Number of Uses: The total number of times the item has been used.
  • Avg % Correct: The average percent correct that the selected student(s) achieved on each item.
  • Answers: The answers that students chose for each item and the percentage of students who chose each answer. Pink shaded answers are incorrect; green shaded answers are correct.
  • Skill: The skill related to each item.
  • Instructional Resource: The source of the item.

If you are viewing data for one student, the table will look like the example below. It will show the specific student's answer and the correct answer for each item, as well as the skill related to each item and the instructional resource (source).

You can re-sort the tables by Order, Item Title, Number of Uses, Average Percent Correct, Skill, or Instructional Resource by selecting the column heading.

Planning Instruction

To find resources to use for instruction for the selected students, select Plan Instruction in the top-right corner of the page.

You will go to Planner, where you can choose skills and resources and generate a Lesson Plan.

For more information, see Getting Started with Planner.

Generating a PDF of the Page to Print or Save

Click the PDF icon at the top of the page to generate a PDF file. You can then print or save the file.

Going Back

If you came to this page from another dashboard, select < Back at the top of the page to go back to the last page or view you used.

You can also select the Reports icon at the top of the page to go back and choose a different dashboard or report.