Star Record Book - Skill Recommendations - Skill Search Results

Use the Skill Search Results on the Instructional Planning – Skill Recommendations page to search for skills using standards or keywords.

How do I get to this page?

  1. Log in to Renaissance.
  2. On the Home page, select Star Reading, Star Early Literacy, Star Math, or Star Spanish.
  3. In the drop-down list, select Record Book. (You can also get to the Record Book by selecting Star Record Book on the Star / Assessment tab of the Reports page, under “Screening and Instructional Planning”.)
  4. In the Star Record Book, on the Latest Assessments tab, after you've selected the subject, school, and class or group (if necessary), select Plan Instruction with nearpod or Plan Instruction above the table of students.
  5. In the pop-up window, enter a standard or keyword for a skill in the search field and then select the search icon.

Who can do this with default user permissions?

District Level Administrators, District Staff, School Level Administrators, School Staff, Teachers

  1. Skills that match the standard or keyword you searched for are shown for each grade—focus skills are indicated by a lightning icon: . The skills shown are targeted to the grades of the students you have selected.
    A list of skills from two grades that match the search term 'user rate', including three focus skills.
  2. Select Skill Details below the name of a skill to open a slide-out with more information about that skill. You can use the < Prev Skill and Next Skill > links at the top of the slide-out to move between skills in the list; scroll to the bottom of the slide-out to print or save the skill info. Use the Close button in the upper-right corner to close the slide-out.

    The details shown for one of the skills, including a shorter version of the skill name, the skill area, domains, and domain level expectations.
  3. Select Prerequisite Skills below the name of a skill to open a slide-out with prerequisite skills and resources related to that skill, if available (select a resource to preview it in a new window).

    Use the Skill Details link under the name of a prerequisite skill in the slide-out to find out more about it; it works the same as the Skill Details link described in the previous step. Use the Close button in the upper-right corner to close the slide-out.

    A prerequisite skill is shown for one of the skills, with a link to a Nearpod resource for that skill. The Close button is in the upper-right corner of the slide-out; the Print or Save button is at the bottom.
  4. To print or save the skill details or prerequisites for a skill, select Print or Save at the bottom of the slide-out.

    This opens the print dialog, where you can choose to print directly to a printer or to use an option that allows you to save to a PDF.

    You can also select Print or Save the bottom of the main page, which will print or save the entire list of skills. Note that if you have a list collapsed on the screen, it will also be collapsed in the PDF; make sure you have all the lists expanded that you want included in the PDF.
  5. If the Provider Content Availability preference is set to show Nearpod resources, most skills will have Nearpod resources shown with them. Select a resource to preview it (in Nearpod) in a new window or tab. If you decide to use the lesson, select Add to My Lessons at the bottom of the preview window.

    At the current time, no Nearpod resources are available for Spanish skills.

    The preview window for a selected Nearpod lesson. The Add to My Lessons button is at the bottom.

    When you select a Nearpod lesson to preview it, you may see this pop-up window:

    The Nearpod pop-up window. The 'Cancel' and 'Continue in New Tab' buttons are at the bottom. The 'Don't show again' box is below them. The 'See how it works!' link is above them.

    • Select Continue in New Tab to see the preview, or Cancel to cancel the preview.
    • To avoid seeing this pop-up window again in the future, check Don't show again before selecting Continue in New Tab or Cancel.
    • Selecting See how it works! will take you to a website that explains how Nearpod works.

Adjusting the View

  • You can make a number of changes to the skills displayed by using the controls above the skills list:

    The Edit Groups, List Length, Domains, and Edit Skill View controls are highlighted.
    • Use the Skill Progression controls to choose whether to see the English or Spanish skill progression (this only applies when the Subject is Reading).
    • Use the Grades and Domains drop-down lists to change whether to include skills for from all grades and domains or a single grade or domain of your choice.
    • Select Edit Skill View to change any of the following:

      • Choose whether to show the skills arranged in their preferred teaching order, or arranged by domain.
      • Select Show short skill names (less detail) to shorten the names of the displayed skills. For example: "Synthesize ideas from close reading of literary texts and secondary sources to draw complex conclusions about text meaning and/or significance" would be shortened to "Synthesize ideas to draw complex conclusions".
      • Select Only show Focus Skills to only show focus skills in the list.
      • Spanish skills can be displayed in English or Spanish; select the language you prefer under "View Spanish Skills in".
      • Some skills are transferable (universal skills that transfer across English and Spanish, as well as other languages). To have these skills highlighted with the dual arrows icon, select Identify English/Spanish Transferable Skills.
      After making selections in the pop-up window, select Apply for your changes to take effect, or Cancel to close the pop-up without saving your changes.
  • You can make more significant changes by using the controls at the top of the page:

    • Select the English | Español links to change the language of the entire page from English to Spanish and back again.
    • Use the Group Recommendations, Student Recommendations, and Browse Learning Progression links below the search field to view recommended skills for groups, individual students, and to browse all skills.
    • Use the Subject, School, and Class or Group drop-down lists to change the subject and/or students you are working with without having to return to the Record Book.