Star Data Insights

How do I get to this page?

  1. Log in to Renaissance.
  2. On the Home page, select one of the following programs: Star Reading, Star Early Literacy, Star Math, or Star Spanish.
  3. In the drop-down list, select Data Insights.

    The Star Reading drop-down list, with Data Insights selected.

Who can do this with default user permissions?

  • District Administrators: view data for any school in the district
  • School Administrators and Teachers: view data for their own school

Star Data Insights let you see how many students are being screened using Star assessments during a specific district screening window. For each assessment type, you can explore the data further, breaking it down by school and also seeing how many students are not participating (based on the setting of their Non-Participation status).

Data Insights stops updating the data shown at the end of the district screening window (it stops updating to provide an accurate snapshot of the data generated during that screening window).

  1. On the Star Data Insights page, use the School, Screening Periods, and Products drop-down lists to choose what data appears on the page.

    The School, Screening Periods, and Products drop-down lists.

    • District users can select any school in the district or All Schools. School users and teachers can only select a school they are assigned to; if you are only assigned to one school, you will not need to make a selection.
    • The screening periods available are district screening windows in the current school year.
    • Data for all your available Star Early Literacy, Star Math, and Star Reading products (English and Spanish) are shown by default; to change the products shown, select the Products drop-down list and make sure the products you want to see are checked (select Clear All at the bottom to clear all the check marks at once). Note: Insights for Star Math do not include Algebra or Geometry.
  2. After you make your selections, the Data Insights page will automatically update. Each program will have a panel showing how many students in the selected school(s) have completed an assessment, both as a percent and as a number.

    Panels showing screening rates for six Star assessment programs

    Screening rates (SR) are calculated as:

    SR = SScr / (SElg – SNp)


    SScr = students screened

    SELg = students eligible for screening (assigned to a class with an assigned product; enrollment figures are updated nightly)

    SNp = students who are not participating in screening (based on the setting of students' Non-Participation status)

    Note: If a student is marked as a non-participant but still takes a test, that student would not be included in the list of students screened (SScr).

  3. Select Explore the data at the bottom of a panel to see the information in tabular form.