Star CBM Data Insights - Screening Rate

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This page helps you to quickly see your progress on screening students in Star CBM. You can view data for schools, grades, and classes or groups and for any screening window in the current school year or last school year.

How to Get to This Page

  1. First, go to the Star CBM Data Insights page using one of two methods:
    • On the Home page, select Star CBM Reading or Star CBM Math; then, select Data Insights from the menu that opens.
    • On the Home page, select Reports; then, select Star CBM Data Insights.
  2. Then, for either the Reading or Math Screening Rate, select Explore the data.

Choosing the Data to View

First, choose the data that you want to view using the drop-down lists at the top of the page.

  • School: If you have access to more than one school, choose "All Schools" to see data from all of your schools or choose a single school. If you only have access to one school, you will see your school name.
  • Class or Group: If you choose a single school, you can choose to see data from all classes that you have access to or from a single class or group.
  • Grade: Choose "All Grades" or a single grade (from K to 6). Students who are in the selected grade(s) in the current school year will be included.
  • Screening Period: Choose the screening window that you want to see data for (Fall, Winter, or Spring). You can choose a screening window from this school year or the previous school year.

After you make changes, select Update below the drop-down lists to show the data.

How Recent Is the Data?

To the right of the School and/or Class or Group drop-down list(s), you'll see the date and time when data was last updated. When you're viewing data for all schools, the data is updated nightly. When you're viewing data for individual classes, the data is current.

Choosing How to View the Data

Once you have chosen which data to view, use the options above the table to decide how to view the data. If you are viewing data for all schools, you can choose to view data by School or Grade. The choice that you make determines what appears in the first column of the table and how data is grouped.

If you view data for one school, you can choose to view data by grade, teacher, or class/group.

Using the Screening Data

The table helps you see your screening progress in Star CBM. Depending on the choices you made on the page, you will see data for each school, grade, teacher, or class/group. For each of these, you'll see the following (based on the criteria you selected at the top of the page). Note: If you are viewing data by grade, and you have selected a screening period from a previous school year, students will be included under their current grade, not their grade level at the time of the screening period.

You can sort the table by any column by selecting the column heading; select the heading again to reverse the order.

  • % Screened: For students who are in grades K-6 for reading or grades K-3 for math, this is the percentage of students who have completed the recommended screening assessment in the selected screening window.
  • Each year, Star CBM includes three screening windows, whose dates cannot be changed:

    • Fall Starts on the school year start date or August 1 (whichever is earlier) and runs through November 30.
    • Winter is from December 1 through March 31.
    • Spring begins April 1 and runs through the end of the school year or July 31.

    The recommended screening measure for each student is based on the student's grade; see the table below. Since Proficiency Rate is based on the scores on the recommended measures for all students, different measures are included in the rate based on the grades of the students in your school(s).

    Grade Reading: Recommended Screening Measure Math: Recommended Screening Measure
    K Letter Sounds Numeral Recognition
    1 Passage Oral Reading (Grade 1) Quantity Comparison
    2 Passage Oral Reading (Grade 2) Addition to 20
    3 Passage Oral Reading (Grade 3) Mixed Addition and Subtraction
    4 Passage Oral Reading (Grade 4) N/A
    5 Passage Oral Reading (Grade 5) N/A
    6 Passage Oral Reading (Grade 6) N/A
  • Students Screened: This is the number of students who have completed the recommended screening assessment in the selected screening window.
  • Students Eligible: Eligible students are those for whom a recommended screening measure is available in the selected screening window. For reading, this includes students who are in grades K-6; for math, it includes students who are in grades K-3. Only students who are in a class that has Star CBM assigned are included.
  • View Unscreened Students: The number of students who are eligible for screening but who have not yet been screened in the selected screening window. If you want to see a list of those students, select the link.

Viewing a Printable PDF or Downloading Data for Spreadsheet Programs

Do you want to print or save the data? Select Print or Save above the table; then, using the options in the window that opens, print the page or save it to a PDF file.

To download a file suitable for spreadsheet programs (.csv), select Download Data. The file will include the information that you are viewing in the table. The "View By" column will be based on how you chose to view the data - by school, grade, or class/group.

Going Back

To go back to the main Data Insights page to see other information, select All Data at the top of the page.