Star CBM Data Insights - Students in a Benchmark Category or Off-Grade

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On this page, you can see which students' scores are in the category that you selected on the Star CBM Data Insights - Measure Proficiency page (for the screening window that you selected). You may have selected one of these categories:

  • One of the benchmark categories (At/Above Benchmark, On Watch, or Intervention) if benchmarks are available.
  • Off-grade (closest benchmark met), which means benchmarks aren't available for the students' grade and season, but their scores are At/Above Benchmark for the nearest grade and season with benchmarks.
  • Off-grade (no benchmark), which means benchmarks aren't available for the students' grade and season, and their scores would not be in the At/Above Benchmark category for the nearest grade and season with benchmarks.

How to Get to This Page

  1. First, go to the Star CBM Data Insights page using one of two methods:
    • On the Home page, select Star CBM Reading or Star CBM Math; then, select Data Insights from the menu that opens.
    • On the Home page, select Reports; then, select Star CBM Data Insights.
  2. Then, for either the Reading or Math Proficiency Rate, select Explore the data.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • On the Measure Proficiency page, select a section of a bar graph for the category that you want to view; then, select View student list.
    • In the table below the bar graphs, select one of the numbers to see the students who are in that category for the season.

When benchmarks are available for assessments (based on the measure, grade, and season), three categories are available: At/Above Benchmark (green), On Watch (blue), and Intervention (red). Scores within the At/Above Benchmark category are considered proficient. For detailed information about the scores that fall into each benchmark category for different measures and grades, see Star CBM Score and Benchmark Tables.

Using the Table

The table lists the students whose scores are in the category that you selected on the previous page (and for the screening window you selected). The date when this data was last updated is above the table, below the information about the selected students.

For students who tested on the measure more than once in the screening window, only the first assessment is included.

For each student, the table includes:

  • the student's name
  • grade level (GL)
  • Correct Per Minute score and a circle in the color of the benchmark category or a gray circle when no benchmarks are available - a check mark next to a score with a gray circle means that the score would be At/Above benchmark for the nearest grade and season with benchmarks
  • Percentile Rank score (not available if no benchmarks are available for the grade and season)
  • the measure that the student was tested on
  • The recommended screening measure for each student is based on the student's grade; see the table below. Since Proficiency Rate is based on the scores on the recommended measures for all students, different measures are included in the rate based on the grades of the students in your school(s).

    Grade Reading: Recommended Screening Measure Math: Recommended Screening Measure
    K Letter Sounds (LS) Numeral Recognition (NR)
    1 Passage Oral Reading - Grade 1 (POR - G1) Quantity Comparison (QC)
    2 Passage Oral Reading - Grade 2 (POR - G2) Addition to 20 (A20)
    3 Passage Oral Reading - Grade 3 (POR - G3) Mixed Addition and Subtraction (MAS)
    4 Passage Oral Reading - Grade 4 (POR - G4) N/A
    5 Passage Oral Reading - Grade 5 (POR - G5) N/A
    6 Passage Oral Reading - Grade 6 (POR - G6) N/A
  • the school
  • the class
  • the teacher

Note: Students who are in more than one class may be listed twice if both classes were included in your previous selections.

You can sort the table by any column by selecting the column heading. Select the heading again to switch between ascending and descending order.

To see more information for a specific student, including that students' current goals (if any) and scores for other Star CBM assessments that student has taken, select the student's name. You will go to the Student Details page for Star CBM.

Viewing a Printable PDF or Downloading Data for Spreadsheet Programs

Do you want to print or save the data? Select Print or Save above the table; then, using the options in the window that opens, print the page or save it to a PDF file.

To download a file suitable for spreadsheet programs (.csv), select Download Data. The file will include a row for each student with the screening window, the benchmark category, the student name, the student's grade level, the Percentile Rank score, the equated Correct Per Minute score, the screening measure that the student was assessed on, the class name, and the teacher name.

Going Back

To go back to the Measure Proficiency page, select Star CBM Reading - Measure Proficiency at the top of the page.