Star Record Book

The Star Record Book shows assessment scores for Star Reading (Enterprise, Progress Monitoring, 3rd Grade Proficiency, and Spanish), Star Early Literacy (and Star Early Literacy Spanish), and Star Math (Enterprise, Progress Monitoring, Algebra, Geometry, and Spanish). The Record Book also includes scores for any state summative test data that you have imported.

How do I get to this page?

  1. Log in to Renaissance.
  2. On the Home page, select Star Reading, Star Early Literacy, or Star Math.
  3. In the drop-down list, select Record Book.

Alternative method:

  1. Log in to Renaissance.
  2. On the Home page, select Star Reading, Star Early Literacy, or Star Math.
  3. In the drop down-list, select Reports.

  4. On the Star / Assessment tab on the Reports page, under “Screening and Instructional Planning,” select Star Record Book.

Who can do this with default user permissions?

District Level Administrators, School Level Administrators, Teachers

  1. Choose Select Students... to select the students to view in the Star Record Book.

    In the pop-up window, you will see a number of columns where you can make your student selections.

    Select a single school in the Schools column (if necessary), a teacher at that school, and then one of that teacher's classes and groups. In the last column, you can choose All Students to include all the students in the class or group, or you can choose Select Students and then check the students you want to view.

    • Users with access to only one school don't need to make a school selection, so for those users, the Schools column will be hidden.
    • Normally, the Teachers column will not be shown to teachers (teachers can only view their own students, so there is no need for them to make a teacher selection). The exception is when a teacher is assigned to more than one school—in that instance, the teacher would see the Schools and Teachers columns, but their own name would be the only choice in the Teachers column.

    You can search the items in a column by clicking within that column and then typing Ctrl+F or control-F on the keyboard.


    Choices made by a district level administrator—in this case, choosing all the students in Hedda Baldwin's "Class 30C, Baldwin" class at East Elementary School.

    When you are done selecting the students you want to view in the Star Record Book, select Apply (or select Cancel to close the pop-up window without saving your selections).

  2. Select the subject, benchmark, and scale you want to see from their respective drop-down lists.

    • Selecting Reading as the subject and Star Unified Scale as the scale will show test results for Star Reading and Star Early Literacy (English and Spanish).
    • The next time you access the Star Record Book, the choices you made most recently will still be selected.
  3. The Star Record Book for the selected class will open at the bottom of the page.

    For each student in the class or group, the student's most recent Star test in the chosen subject is used to display:

    • The benchmark group the student is in (in the Star Group column, based on the benchmark chosen in step 2).
    • The student's Scaled Score (on the scale chosen in step 2)
    • The date the most recent test was taken
    • The Percentile Rank the test score places the student in
    • The groups that the student belongs to (a single group is listed; if the student is in more than one group, a + (number) will appear after the displayed group name—select the number to open a pop-up listing all the groups the student belongs to)
    • Notes regarding benchmark groups (the Star Group column) of the Star Assessments table

      • If you chose Reading as the subject and Star Unified Scale as the scale, look carefully at the colored square indicating the benchmark group. A square with an arrow next to it (as shown for Nick Flyyn in the example above) means that the score shown is from a Star Early Literacy test. If this arrow is not present, the score is from a Star Reading test.
      • Star Spanish tests are indicated by an S to the right of the Scaled Score (as shown for Hope Farrell in the example above).
      • Currently, Star Math Algebra tests and Star Math Geometry tests do not support benchmark groups. If the most recent test a student has taken is one of these, the column will be empty for that student.
    You can change any of the options you have selected and then refresh the view by selecting Update again.

    Only completed and deactivated tests will be shown in the Star Record Book. This includes failed practices, which appear as completed tests without a score.

    If students in the selected class or group have had test results imported and those tests are relevant to the selected Star Record Book options, they will be shown in a separate table below the main table.

    In the example above, the subject chosen is Reading. Some of the students in the class have imported data from another reading assessment (the PARCC Reading Assessment). The scores and dates of those assessments are shown in the Star Record Book.

  4. For more detailed information about a student's assessment status and history, select the student's name to go to the Student Details page for that student.
  5. Above the main table, select Manage Groups to create group sets, edit the groups in a set, or delete group sets.

    The Manage Groups button will not be shown if you selected a student group or specific students in step 1—it is only shown if a class is selected and All Students is chosen for students.

    Users that do not have the Manage Classroom Activities user permission will not see the Manage Groups button even if they have a class selected in the Star Record Book.

    Select Plan Instruction to begin planning instruction for students in Planner.

  6. To print the current view in the Star Record Book, select the PDF icon at the top of the screen: .