Book Labels

Who can do this with default user permissions?

District Level Administrators, District Dashboard Owners, District Staff, School Level Administrators, School Staff, Teachers

Use the Book Labels report to print labels for the books in your school library that have matching Reading Practice Quizzes. The book labels measure 2 5/8" x 1" (30 labels per page, Avery L5160).

The title, author, and interest level always print on the labels. District level administrators, district dashboard owners, and district staff can print book labels for any school; school level administrators and school staff and teachers can print book labels for their school.

To ensure that the labels print correctly, make sure that the scale is 100% and that no options to fit the labels to the page are used.

Follow these steps to print book labels:

  1. If you are not already on the Reports page, select Reports on the Home page; then, select Accelerated Reader / Reading Practice in the menu that opens. (If you only have Accelerated Reader, you may go directly to the Reports page as soon as you select Reports.)
  2. The Reports page will open with the Accelerated Reader / Reading Practice tab selected.

  3. Scroll down to the Management Reports section of the page and select Book Labels Report. (If you have added the report to the Pinned Reports, you'll find it under that section at the top of the page.)
  4. One school is selected by default. If you need to change the school that you are printing book labels for, select Change Schools.
  5. Then, select a school in the window that opens and select Apply.

  6. Select Choose Quizzes to select the quizzes for which you need book labels.
  7. In the window that opens, use the search field to search for books that need labels. You can search for words in the title or by the author's name. When you find a book title that needs a label, select Add to List.
  8. The title will be added to the Selected Titles list on the right. (If you want to delete a title from that list, select the X to the right of the title.)

    If you have more than 10 results, you will see 10 results per page. Below the results, you will see arrows like the ones shown below. Click to go to the next page, to go back a page, to go to the last page, and to go to the first page.

    You can select Filters to the right of the search field to filter your search results by fiction/nonfiction (or Undefined for Teacher-Made Quizzes who don't have a designation) or by language (EN for English or SP for Spanish). Check the boxes to filter results; then, select Close.

    The filters you've applied are shown below the search field. If you decide to remove the filters, you can select the x to remove individual filters or select Clear All to remove all filters.

    Continue to search and add titles to the list until you are done. Then, select Apply.

  9. Next, choose which book level scale(s) to include on the book labels: ATOS, Lexile® Measure, or both.
  10. Use the next drop-down list to choose how to sort the labels on your sheet. You can sort by title, author, quiz number, fiction versus nonfiction, book level (difficulty level), or points.
  11. Enter the number of labels that you want for each quiz title.
  12. To choose whether to include quiz numbers, interest levels, points, and book levels (Level) on each book label, check the boxes. Labels will also include title and author.
  13. Select Update Report to generate the labels.
  14. To create a PDF file of the labels that you can print, select the PDF icon in the top right corner of the page. Then, select View PDF in the message that appears to open the PDF file in a new tab. When you print the PDF file, for true label sizing and positioning, do not use "fit to page" or other scaling options. After printing, simply close the tab and go back to the software tab.
  15. To ensure that the labels print properly, make sure that the scale is 100% and that no options to fit the labels to the page are used.

  16. When you're ready to leave the page, you can select the Home button to go back to the Home page. To go back to the Reports page, select the Reports button (circled below) or the Back to Reports link.