Edit/View Groups Page

On this page, you can add groups to an existing set, rename the current groups, add or remove personnel from the list of people the groups are shared with, and reassign students to different groups.

How do I get to this page?

  1. Select Manage Groups in the header of the Star Record Book.
  2. In the row for a group, select Add/Edit from the drop-down list in the Actions column to edit groups (or, for groups that have been shared with you, select View to view the group).

Who can do this with default user permissions?

District Level Administrators, District Level Staff, School Level Administrators, School Staff, Teachers

Editing Groups

  1. On this page, you will see the existing groups and the students assigned to them.

    • If they are cross-class groups, you will see the name given to the group set above the name fields for the groups.
    • If they are shared groups, you will see the "Assign Additional Personnel" section and the names of the people the group is shared with.

    You can make any of the following changes on this page:

    • Group set name (for cross-class groups): Enter a new name for the group set in the appropriate field.

    • Personnel that groups are shared with: Select Add Personnel to search for personnel members to share the group with (as described here). You can stop sharing a group with someone by selecting the to the left of their name. (Note: Only groups made up of students from multiple classes can be shared. Groups created from students in a single class cannot be shared.)

    • Number of groups: Select Add to add more groups (up to 10); select the in the upper-right corner of the group's name field to delete the group (this will not affect a student's enrollment in multiple groups; students who have had their only assigned group deleted will be unassigned, but can be placed in another group).

    • Names of groups: Change the name of a group in its group name field.

    • Student placement in groups: Check or uncheck groups in the row for a student to add or remove the student from the group. Select Set Groups By Benchmark from the drop-down list to place students in groups based on how their Scaled Scores relate to the selected benchmark, or select Clear All Groups to keep all the groups but unassign all the students from them.

  2. When you are done making your changes, select Save (at the bottom of the page). To leave this page without saving any of your changes, select Cancel.
  3. You will arrive back on the Manage Groups page; any changes you have made to the groups will be reflected in the Student Groups table.

Viewing Groups

If you are viewing groups, the same information will be shown as described above; however, you will be unable to change any of it. If you want to have changes made to the group, contact the group's owner (listed in the "Owner" column of the Student Groups table on the Manage Groups page).

When you're done viewing the information for the group, select Return at the bottom of the page. You will arrive back on the Manage Groups page.