Create Groups Page - Student Selection

On this page, you create groups, name them, and place students in them.

How do I get to this page?

  1. Select Manage Groups in the header of the Star Record Book.
  2. On the Manage Groups page, select Create New Groups.
  3. After selecting the initial parameters for creating groups, select Create Groups.

Who can do this with default user permissions?

District Level Administrators, District Level Staff, School Level Administrators, School Staff, Teachers

  1. Initially, there will be a single group created on this page:

    A single group, the Teal Group, has been created. The Add button is on the right.

    • If you chose which students to group by searching for specific classes or specific students on the previous page, all the students will start off assigned to the initial group, indicated by the check marks in column 1 of the "Assign Students to Groups" table at the bottom of the page. Students are sorted by their last names (↑ A to Z). Their latest Scaled Scores are shown (using the selected scale)—the colored squares on the left of the scores show how they relate to the chosen benchmark.

      The students being arranged in groups, listed in alphabetical order. By default, they are all initially assigned to the Teal group.
    • If you chose students by selecting a single class in the Students to Group drop-down list on the previous page, they will be listed in the table as described above, but none of them will be assigned to the initial group.

    Naming Cross-Class Groups and Sharing Student Groups

    naming cross-class groups

    Groups of students from multiple classes need to have a group set name created for them. Enter a unique name for the group in the field above the "Assign Students to Groups" table:

    sharing student groups

    Note: Only groups made up of students from multiple classes can be shared. Groups created from students in a single class cannot be shared.

    Administrators and staff often need to share a group of students so they (and teachers at a school) can report on the same group of students.

    • District level administrators and district staff can share groups with anyone.
    • School level administrators and school staff can share groups with school level administrators, school staff, and teachers.
    • Currently, teachers and district dashboard owners can have groups shared with them, but they cannot share groups themselves.

    If a group is shared with you, you can view it and use it for reporting purposes; however, you cannot edit the group, delete it, or share it with another user. You will be able to see all students a group that is shared with you, even if they are not in one of your own classes or groups.

    Administrators and staff will see an "Assign Additional Personnel" section above the "Assign Students to Groups" table.

    An example of a group with one owner that is shared with two other personnel members. These two members have an X to the left of their names, which the group owner can use to remove their names and stop sharing the group with them.

    To share groups:

    1. Select Add Personnel.
    2. In the pop-up window, check the personnel you want to share the groups with.
    3. To find a specific personnel member, enter all or part of the person's name in the field at the top; the list will automatically update to include personnel who match your criteria.

      The Add Personnel button has been selected. In the pop-up window, the letters 'S A M' were entered in the search field. Four personnel members were found that have those letters in their name, and two of them have been selected. The Save Selection and Cancel buttons are at the bottom.
    4. Check the Personnel box at the top to select all of the names shown at once.
    5. Choose Save Selection at the bottom to save your choices.
  2. To place students into groups quickly, select Set Groups by Benchmark in the drop-down list above the table of students.

    The drop-down list above the table of students has been selected, and Set Groups by Benchmark has been chosen.

    This will automatically create one group for each benchmark category (using the benchmark you selected on the prior page) and place students in those groups based on their Scaled Scores:

    In this example, Set Groups By Benchmark was selected. Four groups were automatically created (and named) for the benchmark categories; the students have been placed in the groups based on their Scaled Scores.

    Note: If you selected Set Groups by Benchmark and then select Clear All Groups from the drop-down list, the benchmark-based groups will remain but none of the students will be assigned to them.

  3. Select Add to create additional groups (up to 10). The groups you create will be colored and numbered in the following order:

    Group 1   (Teal) Group 6   (Steel)
    Group 2   (Purple) Group 7   (Bronze)
    Group 3   (Sky) Group 8   (Indigo)
    Group 4   (Orange) Group 9   (Chocolate)
    Group 5   (Fuchsia) Group 10   (Emerald)
    Each group you create will have a corresponding column added to the "Assign Students to Groups" table. Enter unique custom names for groups in their numbered fields; to delete a group, select the in the upper-right corner of the field.

    Four created groups, with the X to delete each one in the upper-right corner of their respective fields.
  4. Place students in groups by selecting the circle at the intersection of the row for the student and the column for the group.

    Five students are shown in the table. The first is not assigned to any groups. The second and third students are in one group each. The fourth and fifth students are in two groups each.

    • If you delete a group that has students assigned to it, the students will remain in the table but will be unassigned (until you add them to another group).
    • Students can belong to more than one group. If a student is in more than one group, deleting one of those groups will not affect the student's placement in the other group(s).
    • If there is only one group left, that group cannot be deleted (there must always be at least one group).
    • Select a checked circle to remove a student from a group.
    • If you have created groups and then select Clear All Groups , the groups will remain but none of the students will be assigned to them.

      The drop-down list above the table of students has been selected, and Clear All Groups has been chosen.
  5. When you are done making your changes, select Save (at the bottom of the page). To leave this page without saving any of your changes, select Cancel.
  6. You will arrive back on the Manage Groups page; any groups you have created will be listed in the Student Groups table:

    A list of student groups at the chosen school. The newest group has been added, and a 'Group Saved Successfully' message is at the top of the page.

    • If the groups are for students in multiple classes, the group set name will be shown under Classes and School Groups ("Planet Squad" in the example above).
    • If the groups are for students in a single class, the name of the class will be shown under Classes and School Groups ("Mr. Blankenship's 3rd Grade Class" in the example above).