The Spanish reports in Renaissance are arranged in two categories:

Star Record Book covers student activity in both the English and Spanish versions of Star Early Literacy, Star Reading, Star Math, and CBM Assessments, along with Star CBM Lectura. The reports include the following:

  • Latest Assessments Tab
  • Skill Recommendations – Group Recommendations
  • Skill Recommendations – Student Recommendations
  • Skill Recommendations – Browse Learning Progression
  • Skill Recommendations – Skill Search Results
  • Student Details Page
  • Screening Comparison Tab
  • CBM English Assessments Tab
  • Star CBM Lectura Spanish

Star CBM Data Insights gives you more information about student screening, participation, proficiency, and growth based on Star CBM and Star CBM Lectura assessments. The reports include the following:

  • Star CBM Data Insights – Screening Rate
  • Star CBM Data Insights – Unscreened Students
  • Star CBM Data Insights – Measure Proficiency
  • Star CBM Data Insights – Students in a Benchmark Category or Off-Grade
  • Star CBM Data Insights – Benchmark Transitions
  • Star CBM Data Insights – Individual Student Benchmark Transitions