My Certifications

Click the My Certifications tab to see your reading certification goals and the certifications that you have earned.

The My Certifications tab isn't available to younger students who earn badges for their reading practice goals (the K-2 goal model).

If you are using Renaissance Home Connect, and your school or class isn't using Accelerated Reader, you will not see certification information, but you can still select Get Email Updates to get emails when you take (or your child takes) Star tests.

At the top of the page, the marking period that is happening now (current) is selected in the drop-down list, and the graph shows where today is in the marking period and how much time is left in it. You can choose a different marking period from the drop-down list.

First, you'll see your reading certification goal. In the example below, the goal is Star Reader (2). Under the name, you will see how many books you need to read, how many points the books must be worth, and what book level they must be above. If your teacher has not set a certification goal for you, the page won't show you a goal.

Under your goal, you will see certifications that you earned during the marking period. You will also see the date that you earned each one and what you needed to do for the certification. In the example above, the student earned a Star Reader certification.

You can earn the same certification more than once, so you might see the same name more than once.

Seeing Other Progress

Click one of the other tabs to see more information about your work. If your teacher has set other goals, you can see them on the My Goals tab. The My Completed Work tab shows you the reading quizzes, math practices and quizzes, and Star Custom tests that you have taken.

Email Updates

If you are in Renaissance Home Connect, you can select Get Email Updates to choose to receive emails when your child finishes a test, quiz, or assignment.

Going Back to the Reading Page

If you want to go back to find and take a Reading quiz, select Reading at the top of the page. This option is not there if you are using Renaissance Home Connect.