My Goals

This page shows you how you are doing on your goals. If you see two flowers, you have reading goals and math points. If you just see one flower, you have reading goals. (If you are using Renaissance Home Connect, you will only see reading goals.) Rain will fall on each flower, and it will grow to show how many points you have earned.

If you have a points goal, you will see the goal above the flower to the left. The number on the flower pot shows how many points you have earned. You can see the percentage of the goal you have earned under the flower pot. In this example, the goal is 5 points, and the student has earned 1.5 points. A line will show you where today is so that you can see how much time you have left for this goal.

If you don't have a goal, you will still see your points on the flower pot, and the flower will show you how close you are to reaching 5 points. After you reach 5 points, the flower will start over and will grow until you reach the next 5 points.

If the sun above the flower is smiling, you are meeting your percent correct goal. That means that you are answering enough questions correctly to meet your goal when you take quizzes.

If the sun does not have a smiling face, you need to answer more questions correctly to meet your goal.

Note to parents: To look up quizzes, go to

If you are using Renaissance Home Connect, and your school or class isn't using Accelerated Reader, the flower will not grow, but you can still select Get Email Updates to get emails when you take (or your child takes) Star tests.

Note for the teacher: This page shows the student's information for the marking period that includes today's date. If more than one marking period applies, the marking period that ends soonest is selected. If the marking periods that include today have the same end date, the marking period that started most recently is selected.

Seeing Other Progress

Click one of the other tabs to see more information about your work. If your teacher has set certification goals, you can see them on the My Certifications tab. The My Completed Work tab shows you the reading quizzes, math practices and quizzes, and Star Custom tests that you have taken.

Email Updates

If you are in Renaissance Home Connect, you can select Get Email Updates to choose to receive emails when your child finishes a test, quiz, or assignment.

Going Back to the Reading Page

If you want to go back to find and take a Reading Quiz, select Reading at the top of the page. This option is not there if you are using Renaissance Home Connect.