Lexile® Goals Preference

Use this preference to decide whether to use Lexile®* measures instead of ATOS Book Levels for

Note: On some Accelerated Reader pages for both students and teachers, both ATOS book levels and Lexile® measures will be shown regardless of the preference setting. In some reports, the Lexile® Goals preference setting affects the default scale selection on the report; in other reports, the preference determines whether you will see ATOS book levels or Lexile® measures. (For Star Reading reports, see the Lexile® Range preference.)

The Lexile® Goals preference is a class preference, so different classes can choose to use different book levels.

How to get to this preference

To get to the Lexile® Goals preference page, follow these steps:

  1. On the Home page, select your name in the top right corner. Then, choose Edit Preferences from the menu that opens.
  2. select your name, then Edit Preferences

    You can also select Accelerated Reader Independent Reading on the Home page and then choose Preferences from the popup menu.

    select Accelerated Reader, then Preferences

  3. Select Lexile® Goals under the Class Preferences on the Preferences page.
  4. select Lexile Goals

How to set the preference

Who can do this with default user permissions?

District-level administrators, School-level administrators, Teachers

District-level administrators can set the preference for all classes in any school. School-level administrators can set the preference for all classes in their schools. Teachers can set the preference for their classes.

  1. If you have access to more than one school, use the Schools drop-down list to choose the school whose classes you want to set the preference for.
  2. if you have more than one school, select one from the School drop-down list

  3. Select the Classes drop-down list to choose the class(es) that you want to set the preference for. Then, check the classes. If you want to set the preference for all of your classes, click Select All. (The link changes to Clear All when you do this; select that link if you want to clear all selections.)
  4. example of the Classes drop-down list.

  5. The classes you selected are listed. For each class, check Use Lexile® Measures if you want to use Lexile® Measures for Accelerated Reader goals, book level restrictions, and reports.
  6. check Use Lexile® Measure for classes that should use Lexile measures instead of ATOS for goals

    If you want to use the same setting for all of your classes, select Set All above the table.

    select Set All to choose the same setting for all classes

    In the popup window, check the box or remove the check mark; then, select Apply to All. (You still need to save your changes.)

    example of the Set All popup

  7. Select Save Changes to save your settings. (Select < Back to go back to the Preferences page.)

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