Monitoring Student Work and Viewing Scores

Who can do this with standard user permissions?

District level administrators, district staff, school level administrators, school staff, teachers

Teachers can view the status of their students' work and scores for completed work on the Math Planner Instructional Practice page.

Choosing the Class/Groups and Timeframe to See Data For

To start, select the number of groups and the school name shown after "I am viewing data for." The number changes to "Edit Selection for" when you hover over it.

In the window that opens, choose the class or group to view data for. If you have access to more than one school, select a school in the left column. In the right column, choose a class or a group. Notice that the groups that have been created for each class are listed under the class name. When you have finished, select Apply at the bottom of the window.

If you choose just a class, and not the groups within that class, you will only see assignments that were given to the whole class, not those given to groups. You must select a group to see assignments for that specific group.

Select the second drop-down list to choose the time period that you want to view assignments for. You can choose the entire school year, the last 30 days, the last 7 days, the current marking period, today, or custom dates.

Marking periods are set up in Renaissance software by administrators or non-teaching staff. The Instructional Practice page only recognizes marking periods that have the type set to "Marking Period" (not other types such as quarters or semesters).

When you choose Marking Period as the time period to view Math Planner data for, the software uses the current marking period that has the type set to Marking Period. If there is more than one marking period for the current date, the first one in the list is used.

You can't select Marking Period if no school marking periods are set up in Renaissance software.

If you choose Custom Dates, click in each field and type the start and end dates or choose them from the calendar. Custom date ranges can include any range within the school year. When you're done, select Continue.

Viewing Assignment Plan Data

In the table, you can see the status of your students' Math Planner assignments. First, you'll see the Assignment Plans that you have created for the selected classes and groups.

District administrators can see plans created for any class in any school. School administrators can see plans created for any class in their school. Teachers can see plans created for their own classes (including plans created by an administrator or team teacher). If a plan was created for more than one class or group, the plan will be shown, but you will only see assignment results for the selected class or group.

In the list of Assignment Plans, assignment plans will have the names you assigned to them. You can also use the start dates to identify the time periods for each plan. To see the subskills that are included in each plan, click the Assignment Plan name.

For the Assignment Plans, you'll see the following:

  • Start Date: The first day in the range of dates that you chose for the Assignment Plan. This can help you identify plans for specific time periods.
  • Assigned To: Who received the assignments - an entire class (shows the class name) or one or more groups within classes.
  • Upcoming: The total number of assignment activities that have not yet been given to the students - in other words, the number of assignment activities that aren't yet in the Assignments List on the students' Home page. (Note that this is the number of activities, not the number of students.)
  • Ready: The total number of assignment activities that have already been included in students' Assignments List on the Home page. These are ready for students to work on.
  • Started: The total number of assignment activities that students have started, but not finished.
  • Scored: The total number of assignment activities that students have finished and that have been automatically scored. Notice that this number is a link. If you select it, you can then select the Results link to go to the Review Student Results view, where you can see the scores and the number of skills in the Assignment Plan.
  • You can sort the table by any of the columns by selecting the column heading. Selecting the heading again switches the sorting between ascending and descending order.

If you expand the Assignment Plan by clicking the arrow next to the name, you can see the number of activities for each of the students who received the assignments. Select a student's name to see that student's status and scores for each subskill in the Assignment Plan.

Viewing Assignment-Level (Subskill) Data

To see totals for each of the assignments that are included in an Assignment Plan, select the plan name.

You will then see a list of the assigned subskills. For each, you will see the overall average score for the students as well as the total number of upcoming, ready, started, and scored activities for the subskill in the Assignment Plan.

Notice that the number of activities in the Scored column is a link. If you select this activity, you can choose to see the results (scores) for the assignment across skills or for the assignment across item types. (For Accelerated Math assignments in the plan, note that there is only one item type: multiple-choice.) You can also choose to see information about students' responses to items on the assignment or students' mastery of the subskills in this assignment. (The Mastery link takes you to the Monitor Student Mastery Dashboard, but shows you data just for the related subskill.)

If you expand an assigned subskill by clicking the arrow next to its name, you can see the totals for each student who has activities assigned.

Viewing Student-Level (Subskill) Data

If you are viewing the assigned subskills in an Assignment Plan, you can see data for students for that subskill by clicking the subskill name.

You will then see the status of students for that subskill, including the overall average score, the date of the students' last action on the subskill, and the scores for practice work and the quiz (or Suspended for unfinished activities).

For scored Accelerated Math practices and quizzes, select a score, then select Review to see the results and the student's responses. If you choose a score for Practice, and the student has completed more than one practice for the subskill, you will be reviewing the student's last practice. (You will also see options for seeing the performance by subskill or item type, item response data, or mastery.)

If you see a score in red, it is because a student did not pass the quiz or did not pass a practice for the subskill after three tries. When you click the score, you have the option to Reassign the subskill so that the student can begin work again after you have helped the student to understand. For more information, see Assignments That Require Intervention.

If you select a student's name, you can see the student's scores and status for all Math Planner work. (If any students have assignments that require intervention at this level, you will also see the word "Intervene.")