How Students View Results for Completed Accelerated Math Assignments

Students follow these steps to view the results for Accelerated Math assignments in your Math Planner plans and the work they have completed:

  1. After logging in, students will see an Assignments list on their Home page. For Completed Accelerated Math subskill assignments, students select the subskill to see a list of the assignment activities they have finished.
  2. For subskills that students have worked on but not completed, when students select the subskill, they can see which activities are complete and which are Ready or In Progress.

  3. To view the results of a Completed practice or quiz, students select the activity.
  4. The student sees the number of answers that were correct and those that were incorrect. The student can also see the percentage mastery that he or she achieved for the subskill on this assignment.
  5. To see a question again with the correct answer marked, students select the question number.

    To leave the page and go back to the Home page, the student selects Exit on the Practice Score page.