How Students Complete Accelerated Math Assignments in Your Math Planner Plans

Once you have planned and created assignments, students will begin to see the assignments in the Assignments list on their Home page.

For assignments from partners, the steps that students follow depend on the type of assignment. For Renaissance skill checks, students follow the steps you will find in Taking a Star Custom test.

For Accelerated Math assignments, students will begin to see the assigned subskills in the list on their Home page. Students must pass at least one practice and at least one quiz to complete the subskill assignment. (The quiz is available after the student passes a practice.)

Accelerated Math practices have 6 questions; students must score at least 5 correct out of 6 in order to pass. Students who don't pass the first practice will see a second, and if they don't pass that practice, they will see a third. If a student does not pass the third practice on a subskill, the subskill requires intervention; the student will not see any more work for the subskill until you reassign it.

Accelerated Math quizzes have 5 questions. Students must answer at least 4 out of 5 questions correctly in order to pass. If a student fails a quiz, the subskill requires intervention, and the student will not receive more work for the subskill until you reassign it.

Students follow these steps to complete Accelerated Math practices and quizzes for their assigned subskills:

  1. After logging in, the student checks the Assignments List on the right side of the page. Accelerated Math assignments have the icon shown in the examples below.
  2. Assignments are in the list starting on the day that the teacher chooses when planning assignments. The newest assignments and assignments that aren't completed are listed first. Completed assignments are listed after that.

    The student can use the drop-down lists at the top of the Assignments List to choose to view only assignments with a certain status: Not Started (Ready), Working (In-Progress), or Done (Completed).

    Students can also choose to see assignments from all of their teachers or a specific teacher.

    If the list of Assignments is long, students can scroll to the bottom and click Next to see previous assignments; to go back, they can click Previous at the top of the list.

    The Assignments list may also include assignments from other products, such as Star Custom or Accelerated Reader 360.

  3. For the first practice for an assigned subskill, the student simply selects an assignment that is listed as "Ready."
  4. After the student has completed at least one practice, clicking the subskill actually expands the activities. The student will see which work has been completed. The student selects the next activity (practice or quiz) that is marked "Ready" or "In Progress."

  5. The assignment opens to the first question. The student clicks an answer to each question (or types the letter of the answer on the keyboard) and then clicks Next below the answers. (After answering the last question, the student clicks Finish.)
  6. Students can go directly to a specific question by selecting the question number at the bottom of the window.

    Students can stop an assignment by selecting Stop in the top right corner of the window.

    The student will be asked if he or she would like to resume the assignment later or cancel to continue working on the assignment now. Resume Later saves the work the student has done so far, and the status of the assignment is "Suspended" in the student's Assignments list.

  7. When the student clicks Finish on the last question, if any of the questions weren't answered, a message will ask the student if he or she wants to go back to answer missed questions. The student can click Go Back and Review Questions. The symbol will show the student which questions weren't answered.
  8. If the student has answered all questions, the student can click Finish (or Cancel if the student isn't ready to submit the work to the teacher).

  9. After finishing the assignment, the student sees the number of answers that were correct and those that were incorrect. The student can also see the percentage mastery that he or she has achieved for this subskill on this assignment and whether it puts the student in the Beginning (red), Developing (yellow), or Secure (green) category. (For more about mastery, see the Monitor Student Mastery view.)
  10. To see a question again with the correct answer marked, students select the question number.

    They can then click Next or a question number to move through the questions. At the last question, students select Finish to go back to the results.

  11. To leave the results page, the student selects Exit to go back to the Home page.