Why Are Student Lexile® Levels Not Accurate?

There are a number of programs that will measure reading ability and report back in Lexile® scores. Some of these are native tests, which have been developed by MetaMetrics (like the ones in myON). Other programs (correlations) return a non-Lexile® score, but are mapped to a Lexile® level. The type of test and how it was delivered could impact the scores.

Consider a high-stakes assessment where teachers are watching to make sure a student is focused. Now think about the tests in myON, where the focus may vary and the students are not focused or pressured for correct answers. Or consider a digitally deployed test versus a paper-and-pencil test. These different environments will create different types of test results regardless of student ability.

myON works to resolve these differences by having a series of benchmarks after the placement exam. One test result will not give an accurate picture of a student’s reading ability. Instead, the placement test plus at least two benchmarks will provide the most accurate view of ability.

Manging Multiple Measures (MetaMetrics, Inc.)