What Type of Data Is Shown on Each Report?

This topic will help you find the reports that have the data you're looking for.

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Goals on Reports

When you view several of the reports (described below), you can also set goals for students and see how students are progressing toward those goals. The goals that you can set for each report are mentioned in the report descriptions below.

You will find the fields for setting goals directly above the related report columns. First, use the drop-down list to select Your Goals; then, after entering values, select Save as Your Goals.

After you set goals on reports, select Goals in the top right corner of the Reports page to see the goals you have set (the circle on each line) and the recommended goals (marked with ). To adjust a goal, select and move the circle on the goal line.

Goals will not appear on student dashboards; they only appear in reports.

For more about setting goals, see Setting Goals for Reports, or watch this video:


Reports that show Usage and Proficiency

    Core Report

    • Provides fast information about myON usage by students, including how many books were opened, books completely read, pages read, minutes spent reading, and Lexile® level (if your license includes Lexile® assessments). When you generate this report, you can set goals for the percentage of days with reading, the percentage of completed books, the average number of pages read per week, and the average number of minutes read per week.

    Quizzes Report

    • Shows which skills students may need to develop further based on their myON book quiz results (when optional quizzes are turned on). When you generate this report, you can set goals for students' average quiz scores and the percentage of quiz questions answered correctly for main idea, vocabulary, supporting detail, inference, and interpretation.

    Reading Details Report

    • Shows data by student for number of books opened, how many minutes were spent reading in myON, percent of time spent reading non-fiction, and more. When you generate this report, you can set goals for the percentage of time spent reading nonfiction and the percentage of time spent reading without audio.

    myON with Star Report

    • This report is only available for those with the myON with Star license. It shows you which students have connected their Star test data to myON. For those who have, the report shows you the date of the student's latest Star Reading test, the Scaled Score (in the Unified Scale), the Star assessment type ("SR" for Star Reading), the minimum and maximum ATOS book levels in the Zone of Proximal Development, and the Star Lexile® score. The Zone of Proximal Development is the range of book levels that are neither too challenging nor too easy for students to read.
    • Note: The report reflects the data that was retrieved the last time the student logged in; if the student has taken another Star Reading test since then, that data will not appear on the report.

Reports that show Growth Over Time

    Timeline Report

    • Shows trends over time, allowing for comparison of multiple data points (like Words Read versus Lexile® Growth) to begin understanding correlations and effects of reading practice using myON.

    On-Target Lexile® Reading Report

    • Identifies students who are reading outside their target range. When you generate this report, you can set goals for the average percentage of reading done at the student's Lexile® level.

    Lexiles Report

    • If your license includes Lexile® assessments, this report identifies students that haven’t taken a benchmark exam as well as those that are off track to meet the yearly growth goal. When you generate this report, you can set goals for the average growth per Lexile® test and the yearly growth trajectory; enter the number of Lexile® levels that you expect students to grow.
    • The report includes the following information:

      • the number of Lexile® tests taken in the report period
      • the number taken that were assigned through a project
      • Lexile® Frequency: on average, how many days separated each Lexile assessment (Benchmark and Placement) within the reporting period
      • Starting Lexile® (if the student had an existing Lexile® score before the reporting period)
      • First Lexile® in Score Period (Benchmark or Placement) and the date
      • Ending Lexile® Score (the last Benchmark or Placement score within the reporting period) and the date
      • Lexile Growth: the Lexile® difference between the first recorded score (Starting Lexile® if available or First Lexile®) and the last Lexile® score in the reporting period
      • Average growth per Lexile® test: student's growth divided by the number of tests taken
      • Yearly Growth Trajectory (calculated using the student's current Lexile® level, grade, and the number of tests taken).

      If you display groups on the report instead of individual students, dates are omitted, and averages are used instead of actual individual student values.

    Extended User Activity Report

    • Shows student reading activity and progression prior to the current school year (for students who were previously reading in myON within their current district). You can generate this report across multiple school years, or you can use it to get an in-depth look at current school year data.

    Point-in-Time School Summary (Building Administrators and District Administrators only)

    • Shows historical information about student reading activity for the timeframe you selected, which may include previous school years. The downloaded report summarizes data by week (Monday through Sunday), with each week available when the next week begins; downloaded data includes weekly summaries by grade. The report provides administrators with insights into growth, engagement, and reading data that can help them identify trends and opportunities.

Reports that show Habits and Trends

    Reading Habits Report

    • Shows when users are logging in and reading in myON during the school day, before school, after school, and on weekends. When you generate this report, you can set a goal for students' percentage of reading done out of school.

    Most Popular Books Report

    • Shows the most popular titles students are reading, as well as information around the Lexile® level of each title and the students reading that title.

    Most Popular Categories Report

    • Shows which categories are most popular with students by number of pages read in the category and time spent reading in the category. 

Reports that show information about myON News

    News Reading Report (for myON News subscribers)

    • Shows how many articles students have read, along with time spent reading articles. When you generate this report, you can set goals for the percentage of days that students read myON News and the average number of minutes per week spent reading myON News.

    News Content Report (for myON News subscribers)

    • Shows which categories and articles are most liked, and which are read the longest. This report also gives you information on myON News quiz results.