Viewing/Administering Book Reviews

Teachers need to read and approve/deny student book reviews before they are published. Follow these steps to view/approve reviews:

  1. From the Teacher dashboard (main page), click Classroom, then Reviews.
  2. Select Classroom, then Reviews

  3. If you are seeing pending reviews, you will see student reviews that need to be approved or deleted. Find the review you wish to approve or delete and click the corresponding option under the Status column. If you are seeing approved reviews, you can choose to unapprove or delete them if necessary as shown below. You can search the reviews or filter by status or profanity to find specific reviews. Note: If one of the reviews flashes red, it's because the review includes some words that could be offensive, such as profanity - the flashing tells you that the review may need special attention.
  4. Review approval options

  5. If you delete the book review, the review will be permanently removed. You will no longer see reviews after you delete them.

What's Next?

Once reviews are approved by the teacher, the reviews can be viewed by anyone who is an administrator user in myON or by any students or faculty who are members of the roster that includes the student who submitted the review.

Teachers can use the Filter by status drop-down list to choose to see Approved reviews so that they can unapprove or delete those reviews later as needed. When you unapprove a review, the status goes back to "Pending," and the review is hidden until you approve it again. (You can also delete Pending or Approved reviews.)

Book review filters