Students Are Unable to Take End of Book Quiz

If, after completing the reading of a book, a student does not get the end of book quiz, these may be possible causes of the issue:

  • The student is reading through an app (i.e. iPad, Chrome) instead of a browser.
  • The student is not clicking the I finished this book! button after reading the end of the book.¬†(To receive an end-of-book quiz, the student must have completed the book; the student must click the I finished this book! button to receive this status.)
  • The student may be assigned to a project¬†where book quizzes have been disabled.
  • Some books in the myON library, such as encyclopedias, do not have an end-of-book quiz.
  • Some books have recently been added to the myON library and do not yet have a quiz.