Recording Students Reading Aloud

Students can record themselves reading aloud and review those recordings later. Faculty can also listen to students' recordings to gain insight into their students' reading ability.

How Students Record Themselves Reading Books

Students follow these steps to record themselves reading a book aloud:

  1. To start, find a book and select the cover. Then, select Record.
  2. select a book cover, then Record

    If you're using the list view, select the microphone button to the right of the book.

    select the microphone icon

    You can also view a book's information, then select the microphone button at the bottom of the window.

    select the microphone button in the book information window

  3. Select the Record button for the book.
  4. select Record

  5. You will see a message telling you that myON needs to access the microphone. In the browser message that opens, choose Allow.
  6. select Allow

    Typically, the browser will ask for access to the microphone; it may also ask you to select the microphone to use. If this doesn't happen, you may need to allow microphone access in the browser settings, perhaps in the security settings or the settings for a specific website. (See the help for your web browser for details.) You may also need to check your operating system settings for the microphone.

    If you are using Safari, version 14.02 or higher is required.

    If you are recording from an iOS device, you may need to turn off Siri® and turn it on again in order for audio recording to work.

  7. Select Record at the bottom of the window.
  8. select the Record button at the bottom of the window

  9. Start reading the book. As you read, you'll see a moving picture at the bottom of the window to show you that myON is hearing and recording your voice.
  10. example of the sound wave picture

    To go to the next page, use the left and right arrows just as you would when you read myON books without recording. On the left or right, you'll see the page, zoom, full screen, setting, and volume icons that are usually on the bottom when you read a book without recording it.

    the buttons on the Recording screen

    If you want to stop recording at any point, select Done.

    select Done if you want to stop recording

  11. After you finish recording a book, select Turn In to turn the recording in to your teacher.
  12. the Turn In button at the end of a book

    A message will ask if you are sure that you want to turn in your book recording. If you want to turn the recording in to your teacher right away, select Yes, turn in. If you want to go back and hear your recording, select No, back to book. When you turn in the recording, you can't make any more changes, but you can make another recording of the book later.

    the turn in message

    After you select Done, or after you finish recording a book and select "No, back to book," you have more buttons at the bottom of the window.

    the Listen, Record Again, and Listen to myself buttons

    Listen to myself button Select Listen to myself to hear your recording for the page you have open.

    Record again button Select Record again to record yourself reading the page again. The new recording will replace the first one.

    Listen button Select Listen to hear the myON audio for the page. (If the button is gray, the teacher has turned off audio.)

    If you want to turn in your recording for the book, select Turn In.

How Students Listen to Their Recordings

Students can see a list of their recordings and review them by selecting Library, then Recordings.

select Library, then Recordings

You'll see all of your recordings - those you turned in and those that you didn't (In Progress). If your teacher deleted one of your recordings, you will see that too; deleted recordings have a gray book cover with no color.

example of a student's recordings

You can choose the buttons on the left to see just recordings that are in progress, just those you turned in, or recordings that your teacher deleted.

example of the buttons

You can also choose to see a list instead, and you can choose how to sort the book recordings:

view controls and sort options

For recordings that you have turned in, click the book cover to go to listen to your recording (if you are using the list view, click Listen instead). Then, select the Listen button.

select a book that has been turned in    select Listen

For recordings that are in progress, click the book cover (or the Record button in the list view). Then, select Record to go back and listen to your recording or to record again.

select a book that has recording in progress    select Record

How Faculty Listen to Student Recordings That Have Been Turned In

When Faculty log in to myON, they see their Activity Dashboard first. You can go back to this dashboard at any time by selecting the myON logo in the top left corner of the page.

On the dashboard, select Recordings. This is the last link above the data shown (select the right arrow to navigate to this link).

select Recordings

For each student on your roster who has recorded books, you'll see information about their last recording, including the recording time, the date, the book name, and whether the recording has been turned in or is in progress.

the Recordings dashboard

To see all of the recordings for a student, select the student's name. You will go to the student's page with the "Books recorded" tab selected.

example of a student's book recordings list

To listen to a recording, select the book title. Then, when the book opens, select Listen.

select Listen

Then, select Play. The Play button changes to Stop once you start playing the recording; you can stop the playback at any time. In the page thumbnails at the bottom of the page, you'll see a recording icon on each page for which the student has recorded audio. As you play the recording, the book will automatically advance through the pages; you can use the arrows to go forward or back. When you're done listening to the recording, select Exit to go back to the student's list of recordings.

select the Play button

If you want to delete a student's recording, select Delete in the action column for that recording. You will be asked if you're sure that you want to delete the recording; deleted recordings cannot be recovered, and although both you and the student will still see the deleted recording listed, you will no longer be able to listen to it. If you are sure that you want to delete the recording, select Yes in the message.