Literacy Tools Quickview

Once a book has been opened, literacy tools appear at the bottom of the page:

A  - Home – Exits the book and returns you to the dashboard (main page).

B  - Tools – Opens the toolbar with the Journal, Brush, Highlighter, Sticky Notes, Shapes and Delete icons (described below).

C  - Show Page Number – Displays the page number of the book that you are reading.

D  - View Full Screen/View Windowed – Changes between full-screen and windowed mode.

E  - Play/Pause – Play/pause audio and sentence/word highlighting.

F  - Mute/Unmute – Starts/mutes the playing of audio. If MUTE is on, turning pages does not automatically start the audio. The PLAY button starts the playing of audio on any page. If MUTE is off, turning pages automatically starts the audio. If a teacher turns off audio in the reading options for her class or group, the mute button is not available.

G - Highlight Words – Starts/stops the highlighting of words as each word is read on a page (if audio is being played).

H  - Highlight Sentences – Starts/stops the highlighting of sentences as each sentence is read on a page (if audio is being played).

I  - Show Sidebar/Hide Sidebar – The sidebar on the right includes icons for Other Pages, Dictionary, Settings, and Publisher information.

When you click on Tools (option B above), you will see an additional toolbar display:

J  - Journal – Opens the Journal for making entries about the current book.

K  - Brush – For drawing in the book using a paintbrush.

L  - Highlighter –  For highlighting text on the page being read.

M  - Sticky Notes – For creating and editing Sticky Notes on the page being read.

N  - Shapes –  Used to outline areas of the page being read.

O  - Delete – Opens a menu to choose the item(s) you want removed from the page or the entire book.

When you are in the Journal, these options appear:

P – Add Citation – Add references to the Journal for reference material or other significant contributions to current book.

Q – Copy Text – Allows for the copying of text from the page(s) being read to the Journal. Note: Make sure the books you're looking at include audio. Non-audio books don’t have the copy function.

R – Add a new Note – Adds a new note entry in the Journal.

S – Half Height – Display the Journal in half height mode.

T – Full Height – Displays the Journal in full height mode.

The Sidebar (I above) includes the following. (Note that not all books have the same resources available under "Other Pages.")