Limiting Project Access/Visibility (Faculty)

The steps below describe how to limit a project to you and your students only.

  1. Log in to myON and go to your Projects page.
  2. To find the project, select Active to see projects that have already been assigned to some students or Inactive to see projects that have not yet been assigned to students. When you find the project, select Edit.  
  3. The project page will open.

  4. The Shared section of the project page is for those who want to make their project available for other teachers. Do not check Mark as Shared if you want to restrict access to just you and your students. By default, only you and your students will have access to the project unless you share the project here.
  5. The District Administrator determines whether shared projects are seen by your district only or by your district and the myON community. See Account Options under District Administrator Control.